Saturday, April 13, 2013

Lead in Lipstick Hoax!

So my sister had posted up a shared link like this on Facebook:


   Apparently it was from some medical study regarding the lead content in lipstick and specific brands. It also mentioned a test that could help you determine if your lipstick had lead in it. The study claimed that these named brands had such a high lead content, that using them could cause cancer. CANCER. That's friggin serious! I looked at the list and started to see what I had...and as I looked at my cosmetics my face went from concerned to

   I wanted to start tossing stuff away after  reading that, but then I noticed some improper "engrish" as I like to say when I become a grammar stickler. So I googled lead in lipstick and found this article on about this exact post! Can you say, trolling?


Oh, and that "test" to see if your lipstick has lead in it? 

   According to the mentioned information from New Zealand's COSMETIC TOILETRY & FRAGRANCES ASSOCIATION, the "reactions described in the email occur when the test is done with any metal and just using plain wax which is a core component of most lipsticks." The person who wrote the article even performed the test and found that they got "positive" results with other substances. 

   This hoax has been making the rounds on the internet for a while, and every time it resurfaces some of the wording and even the list of brands change. When you further read the debunking article it even says that while the FDA has found trace amounts of lead in lipstick (which is concerning) it is very low and does not pose a risk. You can check out the FDA's website for any other cosmetic inquires!

   So don't fall for this when you see this posted on your Facebook or whatever you use, it is false and upsetting. The thought of me having to toss a bunch of my lipsticks pissed me off, so I can imagine what it'd make others feel like! And to hoaxslayer, THANK YOU! 


Hey guys!

   I know I haven't done any new blogs in what seems like forever, and for that I wanted to say I'm so sorry! A lot has been happening on my end, so it's been hard to keep up with blogging while balancing my personal affairs. I will do my very best to get some new stuff posted as it comes along, I will try and post up the beauty subscription boxes for this month and some other stuff I have. 

   Again I'm really sorry I've been AWOL and I will be posting soon!

*Actually I'm about to post about a lipstick hoax going viral on the internet, so stay tuned!*