Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sample Society February

This month's Sample Society box blew me away! The assortment of products was really great, I even got a full sized product! 

   In my box I received a sample of LaRocca Skincare Hibiscus Cleanser, a sample of Immunocologie Treatment Creme, a sample of Oscar Blandi Hair Lift Mousse, a tube of Exude Lipstick Gloss, and a can of Maya Water Facial Mist.

LaRocca Skincare Hibiscus Cream Cleanser with AHA ($36.00 for full size)

   This creamy cleanser is supposed to gently exfoliate, but I honestly didn't feel any exfoliating. It doesn't lather like a soap but it spreads well and smells amazing! It cleans very well despite the lack of exfoliation and leaves my skin feeling super soft and smelling nice. I actually really enjoyed this cleanser, I might get the full size!

Immunocologie Treatment Creme Venomax ($275.00 for full size)

   This facial creme tightens skin and makes it look brighter. I didn't feel any tightening but I definitely saw it! My face did look brighter, and this creme paired with the hibiscus cleanser made my face so incredibly soft I was like omg! This costs so much, but the sample I received was a great size! I'll be able to enjoy luxurious supple skin for a while!

Oscar Blandi Hair Lift Mousse ($23.00 for full size)

   This is a volumizing mousse that you use on damp hair. After drying and styling your hair should look silky and plump. I liked how soft and alive my hair looked when using this, the volume was really nice! My hair looked silky and straight from the salon! Definitely a great product, I may get the full size. 

Exude Lipstick Gloss ($29.00)

   I thought this gloss was gorgeous! The gloss is in a lipstick shaped applicator that twists. The color is a shimmery red, it goes on a little light, but a bit of building up makes it look really nice! It isn't sticky at all and it lasts pretty long. I got the full size of this, yay! 

Maya Water Facial Mist ($34.00 for full size)

   While I thought this was nice,  my first impression was that I couldn't help but feel  like all I was doing was spraying water on my face. It was very refreshing, but it didn't feel like anything special. This mist sets makeup and hydrates skin. I was pleasantly surprised, it does pretty well as a setting mist and made my skin feel rejuvenated and fresh! It dries quickly too, so you don't feel like you just doused yourself with a hose. I think this product is ideal for the summer, and I will probably be getting the full size when the warmer weather comes!

If you would like to join Sample Society you can sign up here! Use my code KIKY6620 to donate to charity! 

Glade Expressions Review

   I was selected for another Bzzkit for Glade Expressions! ( I'm on fyaaaaah!) this time I had to review Glade Expressions fragrance mist and Glade Expressions Oil Diffuser. We were given coupons to get them for free, all we had to pay was the tax. We also got some coupons to share! There was a good and a bad side to this Bzzkit, I found the fragrance mist very easily at my local drugstore, but I couldn't find the oil diffuser ANYWHERE! I went to every drugstore in my neighborhood, and the ones near my job, and nothing! I do not live anywhere near a Walmart so I was pretty heartbroken that I couldn't find it. But I refused to just throw in the towel, so I went online and found one and bought it myself!

   The fragrance mist I got was the Pineapple and Mangosteen. I love it! It makes my house smell so delicious! One spray and my room is an exotic getaway! I like the spray nozzle as well, it protects the opening from falls. All you have to do is squeeze the neck of the bottle and spritz! I want to try the others, I think I saw a lavender one online, and I am a lavender nut! Everyone who came into my house was loved what they smelled! The best thing was that it helped with pet odors! I have three little dogs, who make enough of a mess of things as it is. Needless to say, smell can be an issue, especially when guests come over. This spray doesn't cover the smell, it gets rid of it! My hallways smelled super fresh, what a relief!

   I bought The Lavender and Juniper Berry oil diffuser, I love how long it lasts! It comes with the decorative stand, a diffuser card that absorbs the oil, and the oil bottle, which sits in the stand. All you have to do is click the card into the bottle and set it where you want. I love the cute stand, it's better than an air freshener cone. I know I'm not a huge fan of announcing that I worry about how my house smells, so this decorative diffuser is also discreet. I am in love with this scent as well, I love walking into my room and being engulfed in lavender!

   You can find the spray at some drugstores and supermarkets, but the oil diffuser is hard to find. Walmart definitely has them though, so go to your nearest one or go online and experience Glade Expressions for yourself!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Ipsy February

   I was kind of hoping for a nice Valentine's Day themed Ipsy glam bag this month, since most of the other subscription services seemed to be going for a Hollywood theme thanks to the Oscars. But they went with an A-List themed assortment of products that focused on making us glamorous and camera ready!

this month the lining was red!

   In my bag I received a Mica Beauty gel eyeliner, a mini tube of POP Beauty mascara, two Lash Cards, a mini eyeshadow quad from Coastal Scents, and a mini tube of Pixi's Poreless and Flawless face primer.

Mica Beauty Gel Eyeliner, Black ($35.00 for full size)

   I think this was my favorite product in the bag! This eyeliner is so creamy and easy to apply, it just glides on! I have an angled eyeliner brush, and paired with that I had great coverage! This eyeliner is highly pigmented, and it lasts all day! There was no smudging at all, and even though my eyes teared up a bit the eyeliner didn't come off at all! I had never used a gel eyeliner before, and I honestly have to say next to liner pens this is one of the best liners I've ever used!

POP Beauty Mascara, Black ($18.50 for full size)

   This is a pretty nice mascara. It gives lashes a full and dramatic look and dries quickly, but honestly as far as volume it falls kinda flat (makeup humor XD). 

   I do like how full it makes my lashes look, so the lack of volume isn't a big deal. Im glad I got to try this though, I didn't even know POP had mascara!

Lash Card ($6.99 for 10 pack)

   I received these exact same samples in my Beauty Army box, so I kinda gave the side eye when I saw the little banner in the corner of the package that said Ipsy exclusive. 

   Anyways, just like I said in my Beauty Army review, these are good and serve their purpose. Each card is good for at least two uses, and prevents mascara from getting on eyelids and under the eyes. You can also use it as a liner stencil, something I figured out not too long ago. I'm sure it's nothing new, but it was new to me.

Coastal Scents Eyeshadow Quad (prices vary)

   This quad has some nice shades for a great smokey look. The shadows are highly pigmented, they blend well, and there was no creasing or fallout. This quad will last me a good while, so I won't be needing the full size anytime soon.

Pixi Poreless and Flawless Face Primer ($29.00 for full size)

   I wasn't sure I'd like this, but I was pleasantly surprised. While it didn't make me look poreless, it did make my pores visibly smaller. It didn't feel greasy on my face and it absorbed well. It didn't dry out my face either. A little goes a long way too, and it spreads very well. I don't really need this, but it was nice to try.

If you would like to join Ipsy you can sign up here!

Friday, February 22, 2013

MAC Year of the Snake Cockney Lipstick Review!

   MAC released an online exclusive line in celebration of Chinese New Year. This year is the Year of the Snake, so they created a small collection of makeup with colors inspired by the East featuring vibrant and shimmering colors!

   I only got one item from this collection, a lipstick called Cockney. It is a sheer yellow-red multidimensional pearl. It is very creamy and the color is pretty. Since the color is sheer, you will have to build up a bit. Another really cool thing about this lipstick is that it has a snake imprint in it, the perfect touch!

Julep February: A-List Glam!

   This month Julep got us red carpet ready and set us up with some A-List nail colors for any event! This month's box also came with a couple of little treats as well!
   This month Julep gave us colors inspired by the Academy Awards! They also introduced holographic polish, colors that dry matte but have a multicolor sheen to them! We also got an eyelash curler as a bonus gift for Hollywood worthy eyes!

   In this box Julep also introduced their new Oxygen Nail Treatment and Freedom Polymer Topcoat, two nail products that are just awesome!

   I switched up my box this month and swapped my Classic with a Twist box for an It Girl Box. In my box I received Joan, Marion, Rebel and the Freedom Polymer Topcoat. I also got two add ons, Oscar and the Oxygen Nail Treatment. 

Joan ($14.00)

   A plum with rose gold shimmer. You get good coverage, but you may need a second coat, sometimes it can be a bit streaky. It dries fairly quickly.

Marion ($14.00)

   A smoky blue with silver shimmer. It has great coverage, you should only need one coat. It dries quickly.

Rebel ($14.00)

   A silver holographic. I thought this was really cool, it dries super fast and when light reflects off it you see rainbows! It has great coverage too, only one coat is needed.

Oscar ($14.00)

   A gold glitter polish. This is a nice glitter, and it dries quickly. However, the glitter doesn't look even on the nails, so a second and even a third coat might be needed depending on how much coverage you're looking for.

Freedom Polymer Topcoat ($18.00)

   This is hands down the best topcoat I've ever used! It goes on like a polish, but gives gel coverage. In natural light it dries quickly, and for longer lasting results  you can dry it under a 60 watt bulb. Whichever way you dry it the results are fantastic! My manicures last much longer, my nails didn't chip for a few days.  It's like I have armor on my fingers! My nails are able to withstand work, chores and carelessness since using it. The only downside this topcoat has it that once the polish starts to chip, it doesn't just chip, it peels away. I guess it bonds to the polish, but in a way this kind of makes for easy removal without the need for polish remover. Either way you look at it this is a great topcoat, and I will definitely be getting more when I run out!

Oxygen Nail Treatment ($18.00)

   This is a really cool nail product! It's a tinted nail treatment that helps to repair nails that are prone to breaking and peeling. I have both of those issues, and this stuff is like nail makeup! The polish is a light pink tint, you may need to use a second or third coat to actually see the color though. This gives your nails a chance to breathe between polishes with a subtle hint of color. I hate going bare on my nails, I feel naked. This actually wasn't so bad, and it lasted pretty long without chipping. I did see an improvement in my nails the first time I used it, but I haven't been diligent with it honestly. I love my colors too much! But I will be using it more often now, since the peeling is getting a bit more frequent. You should not use a color polish over this by the way, the point of this is to give your nails a break! Some people have been using it under colors which totally defeats the damn purpose, but to each their own. They suggest using it once or twice a week, so I will have to get to repairing! 

If you would like to join Julep you can sign up here!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Glossybox January

   This Christmas my awesome friend Nikki gave me a Glossybox as a gift. I was so blown away by the presentation and the items in the box that I had to get more! Glossybox is another beauty subscription service that offers luxury items for $21.95 a month. The items range from beauty to fashion, and from the box I received as a gift I knew I was in for a treat! January's box is inspired by the beauty blogger The Man Repeller, a unique and colorful woman who offers very informative and fun beauty advice. This month's box was filled with some of her favorite products, I was really excited to see what I got!

   Usually items come in a cute pink reusable box, but this collaboration resulted in a cute silver box! For my first box this was really building up to be an awesome experience!

   Unfortunately, there was a huge shipping discrepancy with the January boxes, so most people (including myself) received their boxes in February. This is my first time with Glossybox, and so far the customer service isn't so great. They have a great reputation, so I'm hoping to attribute the lackluster customer service to the fact that there was high demand for the January boxes. There was also a pretty big fluke, where some people wound up receiving two boxes. I received two, which I totally didn't mind, but not everyone did, hence why I say fluke. I think that a second box for everyone would've sort of made up for the long wait. Then I started hearing that boxes were missing items, had doubles, or nothing at all! I even heard that someone had received a box filled with nothing but six of the same lipsticks! Again, I'm hoping to attribute all this to a crazy January, since my boxes were fine. The only difference between my boxes was that one was missing the giant Man Repeller sticker, lucky me!

box one
box two

   In my boxes I received a packet of Le Métier de Beaute facial cream, a bottle of Sebastian Potion No.9 Styling Treatment, a mini of Estée Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Mascara, a mini tube of Fresh Umbrian Clay Mattifying Serum, a sample of Narcisco Rodriguez perfume, a bottle of OPI Liquid Sand nail polish, a Tarte Natural Beauty lipstick, and a Tarte Maracuja lip gloss. 

box one
box two

Le Métier de Beaute Replenishing Daily Solution ($225.00 for full size)

   I really love this cream! It is light and velvety smooth, it feels more like a whipped cream! It has a very light scent that is pleasant. A little goes a long way too, I only needed about a nickel-sized amount for my whole face! It melts into skin and doesn't feel greasy. My skin felt so supple and soft, and it has SPF 30 in it so my skin is protected and gorgeous! The only painful thing about this cream is the price tag, over 200 dollars! This cream is amazing and I want the full size sooo bad, but it is a dream deferred. 

Sebastian Potion No.9 Wearable Styling Treatment ($19.00 for full size)

   This hair serum is good to use on either damp or dry hair. On damp hair it helps to make hair soft and silky, and on dry hair it's great for giving hair texture. I've been using it for the waves in my hair, my hair has a mind of its own and tends to be somewhat lifeless. This hair serum has helped to give life to my dull waves, making them bouncy and full. My hair looks super cute when I pull it up in a ponytail, I kind of look like A teeny bopper! 

Estée Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Lash Multiplying Mascara ($25.00 for full size)

   This mascara really gave me Hollywood lashes! I have thick lashes as it is, but this mascara made them look so much fuller and dramatic without overdoing it. It doesn't clump and it dries so quickly. My lashes don't feel stiff either, they're still soft and flexible while staying in place and keeping volume. 

Fresh Umbrian Clay Mattifying Serum ($35.00 for full size)

   This facial serum controls oil and reduces shine. It has an earthy scent that is kind of weird but easy to get used to. It absorbs well into skin and doesn't leave a greasy residue. It works pretty well for shine control, I am prone to oily skin, especially in hot weather. It helps control the oil I have now, but it's cold out so I will have to really put this to the test come summertime. Besides that it feels very nice on my skin. I felt a very slight tingling, but no irritation. 

Narcisco Rodriguez Perfume ($77.00-$104.00 for full size)

   This is a very light powdery and floral scent. For some reason it gave me a slight headache, and I only used two spritzes. So you don't need more than one spritz. It lasts very long, and is a great spring scent. 

OPI Liquid Sand Nail Polish, Can't Let Go ($9.00)

   I had no idea about this polish before getting it in my Glossybox. This polish is a glitter purple that dries matte but has a sandy texture. It feels kind of cool actually. It has great coverage and dries very quickly, so you should only need one coat.

Tarte Natural Beauty Lipstick, Fierce ($26.00)

   This is a highly pigmented lipstick, in a vibrant red. It is matte and very creamy. It hydrates my lips and lasts very long, but it stains pretty easily. Put it this way, my bf winds up looking fabulous when I kiss him while wearing this! I have a bunch of vibrant red lipsticks, and this easily took its place as one of my new favorites. This shade is great for a bombshell look, and will pop paired with almost any style. I was really hoping for this lipstick, one of the "or" products was a cheek tint, which I didn't need. I don't really need any more lipstick either - wait, yes I do...I'll pretend I never said that! 

Tarte Natural Beauty Maracuja Divine Shine Lip Gloss ($21.00)

   I got this Tarte product in the second box, I'm glad it wasn't another of the same lipstick like I heard some people got. I'm still also glad it wasn't the cheek tint! Now this was a nice yet frustrating gloss, you have to press the clicky bottom piece to pump the gloss to the brush applicator. I have created for your enjoyment a rage comic illustrating exactly what went down:

   I literally sat through over half an episode of True Blood trying to get the gloss to the brush. I thought it was broken after a while. Finally I got it to the brush and got to swatch it. 

   This a very nice gloss, it has a light red tint, and isn't sticky. It is a bit thick though, but it applies nicely and the applicator helps it spread well. It also has mint it it, so there's a faint tingling that is kind of nice. My lips felt hydrated and the gloss lasts pretty long. It holds up against water pretty well too, I forgot I was wearing it when I hopped in the shower and it didn't come off until I wiped it off.


   I'm not really sure how to feel about Glossybox as a company yet. I have heard good things about the service, but bad things about their customer relations. I had an alright experience, but I could've done without the long wait. I am happy my boxes had no issues, and I am hoping to find a positive change for the February box experience.

If you would like to try Glossybox you can sign up here.