Friday, June 7, 2013

I'm Back! E.L.F. NYC Store!

   Ok, I have been away for waaaaaaaay waaaaaaay WAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYY too long! There have been a lot of things on my end going on that have required my utmost attention, but I promise I will be around more often to bring you some bloggety - is that a word? - screw it - bloggety is a word now - goodness! 

   With that being said I wanted to share something that I am really happy about! E.L.F. Cosmetics has opened up their first store in NYC! And not just anywhere in NYC, the East Village! Why am I so happy? I am within walking distance from it! Can you say woo!? 

hell yeah!

   E.L.F. is known for super affordable but amazing studio quality makeup, and I was so blown away by how awesome the store looked!

   I didn't take pics when I went, so here are some pics from their Facebook page:

   I treated my mom to an E.L.F. shopping spree for Mother's Day, it was so much fun! The staff is super sweet and helpful, and as you can see the presentation is fabulous! And of course the best part, affordable makeup! I swear you can go makeup happy in there! On my first visit I needed 2 carrying bags between my mom and me! 

   I highly recommend checking out the new store if you're in NYC, if this one goes well I'm sure more will pop up in other places! Maybe even in your area! Check out their Facebook page for directions and of course promos and sweet sweet makeuppy - that's a word now too dammit! - goodness!


  1. I know E.L.F. have been getting popular but I didn't know that they open a store in the East Village. Now I know.

    1. yea! definitely check it out! they throw sales all the time, and you can get freebies when you spend certain amounts :)

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