Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Influenster Voxbox: Veet Easywax Electrical Roll-On Kit!

   Ok I was super excited when I got picked for another Influenster Voxbox! And when I saw it was a hair removal kit I was like hell yeah! Summer time calls for summer legs!

   So I didn't really get a chance to take a pic of the product in box and all of it's contents before use, the timing was impeccable when I received it. As soon as I opened the box my bf's little brother came running in asking me if I had wax and if I could wax his chest.

   So I used him as the guinea pig for this fun project! Muahahahahahaha! So here is a pic of how everything is supposed to look, as shown in a very nicely labeled pic from Lipglossiping:

   And here's how it looked after I assembled it:

 Pretty cool huh? With all the parts I kind of felt like I was building something menacing!

   It's pretty easy to put together, too. You just take the replaceable cartridge and place it in the warmer. Then you place the warmer on the base. Easy! Then you have to plug it in and let it sit for about 30 minutes so the wax heats up. I didn't like having to wait all that time, and neither did my bf's brother. And unfortunately even after 30 minutes was up I had to keep leaving it for an extra 10 minutes at a time to heat up so the roller would move.
   I also had an issue with the roller, it wouldn't move. I had to really push to get the wax onto his chest, and when I used it on my legs I had to push just as hard. If I was lucky an even coat of wax came out. Then came the fun part, applying the strip and lettin' er rip! Uuuuuunfortunately it didn't take much off. His chest wasn't even very hairy, he just wanted to be clean and smooth. We wound up using several strips to try and get it all off, but in the end this caused him too much pain and resulted in blotches and redness all over his chest. He refused to let me take pics of him during this time, he was too embarrassed, so here's an idea of what he looked like! (with a little less hair of course!)

I'm such a jerk, lol
   On my own legs I found that it didn't pull everything off either. I wound up having to shave anyway, to get what the strips missed.
   The wipes that come with it are fantastic though. They get all the residue off with ease and they smell nice. They're a bit on the oily side but it didn't bother me.

   Overall I feel that this product was good, just not for me. It was a bit of a pain to use, and I did not get the results I expected. I actually prefer Veet's Ready to Use wax strips that I received in an earlier Voxbox. The wax seems much stronger and it's virtually mess free! Those I would take over any other hair remover any day, I swear by them! This hair removal system seems best for waxing pros, which I am not.

   You can find this and other VEET products in drugstores!


  1. Hi! We met last month at your father's work place. Nice review on this product. Have you tried waxing at a beauty salon?

    1. hi! i have only done eyebrow waxing at the salon, the experience is pretty sucky so i usually try to do it myself lol i'm afraid to attempt waxing anything at the salon lol

    2. It's actually not so bad to have underarm and legs waxing at the salons. I have yet to try bikini waxing but you just need to do enough research about the place before going. It's actually not so painful when you have someone else do it. I feel more scary to pull on the strip myself.

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