Monday, September 24, 2012

Disney Princesses And Sephora!

   Hello again! This is something I just had to let you all know about, it's one of the greatest bits of makeup news EVER!

   I am a huge Disney fan! And I love all the princesses! So when I got the email that Sephora was doing a collaboration with Disney I was overjoyed! And the first princess to debut in October, Cinderella!

   When I was 11, my aunt gave me a beautiful Cinderella perfume as a thank you for being in her wedding. It was so pretty, it even had the glass slipper on top! I used that bottle to the very last drop, and tried my hardest to preserve the bottle just because it was so pretty. Over time I lost the bottle, and was really disheartened because that was a memory that was very dear to me. But now with this new line by Sephora coming out, I can make a new memory while keeping the old one in mind. <3

Absolutely gorgeous!
   The Cinderella Collection is the first one hopefully of many princess collections to be released! The collection includes a fragrance aptly named "So This is Love", a gorgeous compact mirror modeled after the iconic clock of the movie, a 20 piece eyeshadow palette with colors based on the original pantones of the characters and scenes, a smaller palette with colors you can use to recreate the iconic look, a set of gorgeous lipsticks (which I already bought!) featuring shades based on Cinderella's various looks throughout the movie, and a glamorous 6 piece set of nail polishes by OPI that mirror the enchantment that spellbound us all! 

   I am a Sephora Beauty Insider, so as such I got a first look and buy before it hits stores in early October! So for all of you just as eager to see what's coming your way, here's a sneak peek!



   Oh! And for those of you looking for the wow factor in the collection, if everything else didn't get ya here is the icing on the gorgeous princess cake!

  That there is the special edition bottle of "This is Love" adorned with Swarovski crystals! The perfect item to make any girl feel like a princess! 

   So check out Sephora in early October to snag this beautiful collection! If you would like to be a Beauty Insider sign up at Sephora's website or any store! And if you already happen to be a Sephora Beauty Insider, get your piece of princess glam now before it hits stores!


  1. I LOVE that you added your personal experience with cinerella in here, =] all of these items look amazing and i cant wait to try them! did you like the lipsticks?

    1. omg i love them! They just got here! i'll be posting the review for them next month! thnx! <3

    2. i am so glad you told me about them and i cant wait to read your review!