Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Julep Mystery Boxes for September: Polish Lovers and Product Lovers Box

   Julep just loooooves to tempt people with these alluring mystery boxes! I can't 
resist every time i see a new one!  Each mystery box costs 19.99, and can be 
worth anywhere from 60 to 200 dollars! This time around they put out two boxes, 
one with just nail products and the other with different Julep products. Of 
course, being unable to help myself, I got both. 

   I was a little disheartened when I saw my boxes were small, but I was very happy 

with what I received anyway. Both my boxes were worth about 60 dollars, so still 
totally worth it. 

Polish Lover Box

From left: Zoe, Alyson, Michelle, Melissa

In my polish box I received 4 nail polishes:

Melissa ($14.00)

   A pearly white. It took 2 coats to make it more noticeable. I have never had a color like this before, so I'm glad I got this. I really like the shimmer, and find this to be a very sophisticated yet playful color.

Alyson ($14.00)

   An almond brown. Initially I thought this to be a gray, but in the light you can see the difference. This is yet another color range I've never used, I always considered browns to be kind of boring. I ifnd this shade to be very classy, and the polish is very creamy. I only needed one coat! Definitely glad I got a chance to try this, it opened me to a new color possibility!

Michelle (doesn't seem to be available on website)

   A dark blue. Very classy and sophisticated.  This is also very creamy, so only one coat should be necessary. I love blue polish, but I tend to stick to lighter blues because I had never seen a dark blue I like. This is a very pretty color and I'm glad I was able to get one!

Zoe (does not seem to be available on website)

   An orange shimmer. Kind of reminds me of Halloween! And since the holiday is coming up, I may use this as my October color, along with another color I will be receiving in next month's Maven box. I have never ever considered an orange polish. It isn't that I don't like orange, it just never seemed to be my style. I like that this color isn't so loud, so I can see myself wearing this anytime! This color took me two coats to complete, but I loved the results! And with fall officially here, I think this color is perfect!

Product Lover Box

Got some nice stuff!

   In my product box, I received a bottle of Acetone-Free Conditioning Nail Polish 

Remover, Best Pedi Prep Ever Roll On, a Foot File, Essential Cuticle Oil, and a 
Vanilla Mint SPF 15 Lip Balm.

Acetone-Free Conditioning Nail Polish Remover ($14.00)

   I received a bottle of this with August's Maven box, and I loved it! It smells nice, and leaves my nails nice and clean! I love that there's a pump on it too, so no need to fight with a bottle and hope none spills on your lap! (happened to me all the time!) I'm glad I got another bottle since I'm running low on my first one. the best part about these bottles is that they're reusable! Once you finish what's in it, put another ppolish remover and never be bothered with mishaps again! 

Best Pedi Prep Ever Roll On and Foot File ($20.00)

   This was a nice combo to try. The roll on has a weird smell, but it didn't bother me. It feels kind of like a gel, but definitely works. I tried it on my heels, I tend to get dry skin there often. After letting my skin absorb the roll on for a few minutes I took the file and got to work. The file is pretty big so I had good control over smoothing my heels. The file has four parts for use, two have emery for filing and the other two I honestly have no clue what they're for or how to use them. But the file is great paired with this roll on! My heels felt so smooth, and my feet felt like they were pampered at a spa! I will continue to use these to improve my feet, I'm always running around so they definitely deserve some tlc!

Essential Cuticle Oil ($18.00)

   I liked this a lot! On the first use my cuticles looked way better! It has a soft but nice scent, and is roll on for easy application. I had never even thought to use something like this, so i'm glad I got this! 

Vanilla Mint SPF 15 Lip Balm ($6.00)

   This feels nice on my lips, but I have to say it tastes pretty bad. It has no actual flavor to be honest, although the site clearly says it is vanilla mint flavored. It definitely smells like it, but it also has somewhat of a chocolatey underlying scent to me. The scent reminds me of Christmas! When you put it on it feels tingly and my lips feel hydrated. The added bonus of it having SPF 15 in it made it even better, I get to protect my lips from dryness and sun damage!

   Some of these colors may not be available online but Sephora carries them in store so you can stop in and check them out!

   Did you like what you saw? Julep has a lot more great products so check out their site! Want to be a Julep Maven and get a bunch of perks? sign up here! And remember if you use the promo code PENNY you can get your introductory box for literally a penny! 

Later lovelies! <3


  1. I think they changed the name of the dark navy blue, its the same one i used in my velet manicure, and i am so sad if they did get rid of it. All these colors look good on your but the shiny white looks a little streaky. I love the products you got, after you told me what you got i was all hyped up and then all they sent me was scrub, a file, and 2 polishes,,, in the product lover box, i was very confused. lol. but i love your review and look foward to seeing more.

  2. the pearly is actually not streaky, once you use two coats that is lol but since it was such a light color the lighting of the picture kind of reflects it in a weird way. sorry about that! for the life of me i could not the name of the navy blue one, maybe they're going to change the name? that ridiculous that they'd send you polish in the product box! maybe you can email them and ask what happened there?

    1. It is weird. I know that they sell out of colors and remove them somtimes but do bring them back or change the name. I secretly believe the mystery boxes help move stock out (which is good and bad. i will email them or call when i get the chance!

    2. sounds good! let me know what they say :)