Monday, September 24, 2012

Julep Maven September Box!

   So I have been meaning to post up a Julep review for a while now, but things 
have been so hectic! But now that I have some free time I'm going for it! 

   Julep is a company that specializes in nail beauty, they have salons as well. 
The Julep Maven program is a monthly subscription where they send you full sized 
nail polish and products for only 20 dollars a month plus free shipping. In stores their polishes go for about 14 dollars each, and their other products can be a bit pricey. But 
being a maven gets you more for less! You get colors before they hit stores, and 
discounts on their website through the maven boutique, plus free shipping all 
the time! When you sign up you complete a beauty profile so they can match you 
to one of 5 styles: Boho Glam, American Beauty, Classic with a Twist, Bombshell, 
and It Girl. The cool thing is that if you don't like the box for your profile one month you can 
look at other boxes and pick one of those instead!

   September is all about fashion, what's hot this season and what will be the 
biggest trends all across the world of style! So Julep took a page from Fashion 
Week and created this month's box based on the fashion of designer Trina Turk. 
In this month's box I received two nail polishes inspired by Trina Turk's 
Maverick Collection, and Julep's American Beauty Volumizing Mascara.

My September Box! It's so pretty!

   My profile is Clasic with a Twist, so I was super excited when I got the email showing what I'd be getting!  I received two nail polishes inspired by the Trina Turk collection,  Sophie and Brandt, and Julep's American Beauty Volumizing Mascara in Jet Black.

Sophie (unavailable on

   A dark mushroom like grey. Very creamy, opaque and classy! I only needed one coat for full coverage! Fall calls for warm colors, and this color is perfect to tying together a fashionable winter ensemble!

Brandt ($14.00)

   An off-black. Also very creamy and applies nicely. I love black polish, so when I saw this in the box i was really excited! At first I thought it looked almost navy, but when I applied it I saw the difference. I'm glad I got this color, black polish is nice but I find it to be a generic look sometimes. With this off-black it's more classy and less gothic. (not that I have anything against goth, I have my moments!) With this color you can show your dark side and feminine side at the same time!

American Beauty Volumizing Mascara - Jet Black ($24.00)

How does it look? :)
   I love this mascara! It's not heavy, and thick enough that it applies evenly. My lashes look nice and long too! It isn't difficult to take off, I used Lancome's Bifacil (GREAT STUFF!) to remove it from my eyes. Only thing I have to say as a con is that it smudges easy, but maybe a makeup setting mist might help. Either way if you have any anti smudging secrets I'd love to know! And if you can make this smudge free this is definitely a great mascara!

   So would you like to enjoy all the perks of becoming a Julep Maven? You can sign up here! And if you use the promo code PENNY you can get your first box for just that! 


  1. beautiful colors and i love your magnet, the mascara made your lashes look great and im glad you like the bifacil! <3

  2. thank you for introducing me to Bifacil! <3

    1. Your welcome! Btw did you click reply under the comment or on the post coz i didnt get a notification that you commented back =(

    2. oooooh i think i accidentally did on the post lol sry!