Tuesday, September 25, 2012

September Beauty Army Box!

   I wanted to post a review when I received last month's box, but there was an issue with my box coming to me damaged. On the plus side their customer service is great! I emailed them and they sent me a replacement for the damaged product in last month's box, so it came to me this month.
   Beauty Army is a monthly subscription service that sends you deluxe beauty
samples for 12 dollars a month plus free shipping. You complete a beauty profile and every month when your selection window opens (which depends on when you joined) you get to
select 6 samples. You have 5 days to select what you want, and you can retake your beauty profile quiz to change some of the samples you can receive!

Such lovely goodies!

   This month I was very impressed with what I received. Initially I wasn't happy
with the samples available when my window first opened, so I waited a day or so
and retook my quiz a few times to change what I could possibly get. In this
months box I received a sample of Besame Cosmetics Crimson Cream Rouge,
Youngblood Mineral Primer, Fiafani Divine Hydration Moisturizer, Juicy Jewel eau
de Parfum, Atzen Lip and Eye Emulsion, Delizioso Skincare Mangosteen and Acai
Facial Cream, and Grand Central Beauty Smart Skin Perfecting Mask.

Besame Cosmetics Crimson Cream Rouge (full size $22.00)

   My go to lip color is red, so I was really excited to try this! This rouge can be used on cheeks and lips, but I don't think my cheeks need any more red in them, and I was set on this being exclusively for lips. It is creamy and rich, and the color is really nice. And used with a lip brush a little can go a long way! My sample was a small jar, but I know it'll last so long as I use a brush. I am not sure if I will buy a full size, but my mini jar will hold me off til I decide!

What a nice color, soft and playful :)

Youngblood Mineral Primer (full size $41.00)

   This primer is a gel, making it very light on the skin. Since I received a small sample I only used a bit to feel its texture, it is sleek but not oily. It felt nice on my skin. I'm not sure I will buy a full size of this but it was nice to try. 

Fiafani Divine Hydration Moisturizer (full size $38.50)

   This moisturizer is supposed to help fight aging while moisturizing skin. I just sampled it, so I cannot say for certain whether this is an effective product. It smells nice, isn't heavy, and felt nice on my skin, but I have yet to see a difference as of yet. 

Juicy Jewel eau de Parfum (full size $55.00)

   I love this perfume! I swear I was able to smell it as soon as I opened the box! (which at first I thought to be a bad thing) After realizing that the bottle didn't break, I immediately gave my wrist a spritz. I embraced the sophisticated yet light floral notes and was immediately sold on this product. I am unsure whether I wish to pay $55.00 for it for now, so I will hold on to this sample for dear life until I can either afford it or find it for a better price!

Atzen Lip and Eye Emulsion (full size $75.00)

   This is supposed to help reduce dark circles around eyes as well as signs of aging and sun damage on eyes and lips. I used a bit under my left eye to see the difference and i have to say it did help a bit. I put it on before bed, and when I woke up I was able to see a change in the dark color under my left eye compared to my right. It melted into my skin quickly which I thought was nice, it didn't stay on top of my skin like other eye creams I've tried. I will continue to use this sample to see if there is a significant difference in the darkness of the circles under my eyes!

Delizioso Skincare Mangosteen and Acai Facial Cream (full size $58.00)

   This cream is an anti-aging fighter and is loaded with antioxidants to nourish skin! This sample looked very promising so I couldn't wait to try it!

   This cream has a whipped appearance, but it's thick, like cake icing. It has little blue beads in it that burst when you put in on your face. It  smells very yummy! It melted on my face, and didn't feel oily. The price for the full sized one is a little steep, but it seems like it would last a really long time! So I may consider buying this, I enjoyed the experience!

Grand Central Beauty Smart Skin Perfecting Mask ($75.00 for 4 mask systems)

   Okay, so this was the sample that I received damaged. I was very excited to try it and review it last month, but when I saw all the powder fall out of the box I was so upset I didn't bother to review the others. Luckily The Beauty Army team has great customer service and I heard from them the very next day after letting them know what happened! 
   So this was definitely different from what I'm used to! It was kind of fun doing the prep work! Basically you have to mix everything up and generously apply it to your face. The set comes with a mixing bowl, which was the clear container this sample came in. (I almost threw it out!) The process is really simple, you take the mask powder capsule, the vial of booster serum, and a capsule of cold tap water  and mix it together in the bowl. (in that order!) When its ready for application it's going to look like this:

   It basically becomes a putty like substance. But you gotta work fast! After a little while the mix starts to harden and become almost like latex! Make sure to apply generously and keep away from hair and eyes!

I felt like I was wearing horror movie skin!
   As you can see from the picture, my mask started to chip away, maybe I didn't apply it quick enough, or maybe I didn't use enough on my face. Honestly it was a huge pain to take off, but it was kind of funny because it looked like I was peeling my skin off! (I'm a big fan of horror movies, so this made the experience more fun.) Despite the long process of removing the mask piece by piece, I have to say I liked the results! My skin looked brighter, cleaner, and felt very soft! 
   4 masks for 75 dollars might be a bit pricey, but I really liked the results! Maybe I will purchase this in the future, but I am very glad I got to treat my skin to a nice peel for way less!

   So if you're interested in treating yourself to luxury without the massive spending, you can join Beauty Army by clicking here!


  1. I love what you got in beauty army too! You got the goods! young blood is awesome it looks oily but it works perfect and is so light. I love the lip stain on your lips (no lezzy) and the mask did make your face look brighter! =]

  2. lol no lezzy XD i enjoyed doing the mask a lot, i had never done a peel before so it was cool to try! thnx!

    1. Peels can feel so refreshing but so expensive! uggh lol

    2. totally agree! actually i'm going to be doing a review of a peel and facial that i learned from Michelle Phan, to see how well it fares :)theyre cheap and look nice!