Tuesday, September 25, 2012

September Birchbox!

Hello again lovelies! Today I'm going to introduce you to another great beauty subscription service that gives you all the glamour without the wallet pain!

   Birchbox is a beauty subscription service that helps you feel glamorous without
breaking your pocket. You pay 10 dollars a month (free shipping) for beauty samples 
and other goodies, and earn points towards future purchases on their website through
product reviews.
   So far I really like Birchbox, and was very excited to see what I was getting
this month. For my September box I received a little bit of everything in my
opinion. I was missing something from my box, but I called customer service and
they promptly sent me a new one. Their customer service is top tier, no

   Continuing in following new fall trends, Birchbox sent along with products a
mini booklet showing upcoming styles for fall, along with beauty tips and product recommendations. Along with the booklet, I received a Color Club nail polish, a sample of Kate Spade's fragrance Twirl, a hair tie by Twistband, a Tili bag, and a sample tube of The Porefessional face primer by Benefit Cosmetics. There was also a little something extra, a $25 gift card for Madewell.com, which I was sad to see was just a mere coupon and not an actual gift card, and two mp3 downloads from singer Tristan Prettyman.

   Unfortunately, my replacement of the Nexxus Pro Mend Split End Treatment has not gotten to me yet, and I don't expect it to be here until some time in October. Maybe it'll come in next month's box.

Color Club Nail Polish in "Insta-This" ($8.00 on birchbox.com)

    Following the trend and popularity of social networking, Color Club created a
line of polishes with names referring to different social networking sites. I
got Insta-This, a really pretty blue. I really like the color, reminds me of
Facebook! It dries super fast too, I had just applied the first coat and a
minute or so later when I checked it was already finished. Definitely a great
polish, and worth checking out the other colors in the collection!

Kate Spade Twirl ($80.00 on birchbox.com)

   This fragrance is very floral. It's a little strong at first, so one spritz is more
than enough. After it lightened a little I was able to better enjoy it. I don't
know if I'd buy the full size, but I'm glad I got to try it.

Twistband Hair Tie ($18.00 for 12pk on birchbox.com)

   I thought this was cute, the hair tie I received had a purple lace design. I was
able to tie my ponytail tight enough that it stays put, but loose enough that I
don't get any headaches. I may buy more, I really like the designs. And if you don't want to put them in your hair they make great bracelets!

The Porefessional ($29.00 on birchbox.com)

   This is a face primer that is supposed to help reduce the visibility of pores, so I was excited to try this. It has a faint scent that is nice, and has a velvety texture that feels really nice on the skin. You can also put this on before or after applying makeup which I like. If I forget to do it the first time I can do it right after! I would definitely buy the full version of this!

Tili Bag ($8.49 for 12 quart size bags on birchbox.com)

   These bags are so cute! I love the design on the one I got, and when I went to the Birchbox site I saw other super cute ones! This bag is a stylish ziplock that can be used for storing cosmetics or maybe adding flare to lunch! These reusable bags are so versatile, I will definitely be getting more!

Nexxus Pro-Mend Split End Treatment

   I have used Nexxus before, and it is a good brand. One of the shampoos I tried had a kind of Vanilla Coconut scent that I liked. As I stated before my sample of this didn't come in my box, so I will have to wait a little while for it get here before trying and reviewing. But from my previous experience with Nexxus I knew I was going to like it.

   Did you like what you saw? Check out Birchbox and see what you're missing! Want to try out this awesome beauty service? Sign up for Birchbox here!


  1. i am a little jelly over here, i love the nail polish color that you got! and the color of your twist band is just super cute! I loved your review!