Wednesday, October 3, 2012

September Glam Bag!

   Hello again lovelies! I know this review is a little late (ok a lot!) But I had to post my my first ever Glam Bag review! I'm really excited, I had been on the wait list for a long time, so I was so anxious to see what goodies were waiting for me!

   For those of you who are curious, The Glam Bag is a monthly beauty subscription where you receive an assortment of awesome deluxe sample and full size beauty goodies for only 10 dollars a month. (plus there's free shipping!) Another fun bonus - every month your goodies are hidden in a fashionable bag that you can use for anything! This awesome service was created by Michelle Phan, an amazing beauty guru who I am a personal fan of! She has a YouTube page where she gives great beauty tips and tutorials on some great looks!

   On a very important side note, MyGlam is now Ipsy, but your subscription is still called a Glam Bag, and the site has been revamped to improve the experience!

I am super excited to get to my review, so here we go!

   So this month's bag has some really nice goodies. Almost everything came in a cute black clutch, simple yet elegant! In my bag I received a smudge brush by Soho, a split end sealer formula by Carol's Daughter, a tube of sparkle gloss by Jane, an eyeshadow by Mirabella, and a Circus nail polish by Andrea's Choice.

SOHO Smudge Brush ($6.99)

   I really like this smudge brush. I like how soft it is, it makes it easier to glide it across the eye, and is very gentle on soft shadow palettes. Great brush!

Carol's Daughter Split End Sealer ($25.00 for full size)

   I have a lot of split ends! With as many hair products I've tried the only brand that has worked for me is Garnier. But now I can add this product to that! This split end sealer is great! The directions say to use a peas sized amount but I have a lot of hair so I used a little more. Personally I find the directions to be unrealistic, I mean who is really going to expect a pea sized amount to be worked through your entire head of hair from root to tip? Not me! This sealer definitely works well! I was so pleased with the results, I will definitely be getting a full size!

Jane Sparkle Gloss ($9.99 for 3pk)

   This was a brand I had never heard of before Ipsy. This is a pink gloss that looks very nice on lips! There's some sparkle to it, and it doesn't taste funny. I found it to be a bit sticky, but I would still use it.

   If you would like one of these you cane get it on the Janecosmetics website! A pack of three is $9.99, and when you buy it 100% of the proceeds go to a charitable organization for women! You can also use the promo code JaneIpsy for 20% off!

Mirabella Eyeshadow - Semiformal ($10.00)

   This eyeshadow is very pretty! I received the full size of this, which is just the pot. It has a little shimmer, and is very sheer. I find this perfect for wearing to work, or even if you want a little pop with a tee and jeans outfit! It is a very light brown, so depending on your skin tone I would recommend an eye primer before use. On me I could hardly see it until I used the primer, I have an olive skin tone so initially it was practically invisible!

Andrea's Choice Circus - Tightrope ($29.95 for set of all 5 colors in collection)

I love the colorful container it came in!

   This polish was kind of like a purpley pink. You definitely need two coats, the first coat is a little thin and streaky. It is opaque once you apply a second coat, and looks very nice! I hear that this polish brand was a constant in past Glam Bags, and there were a few glammies (that's what we're called ^_^) upset about the lack of variety. But as a first time subscriber I was totally excited, I had never even heard of the brand before.

   So would you like to be a glammie and receive great beauty products for a great price? Join Ipsy and get glammed out!

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