Sunday, February 10, 2013

Shick Hydro Silk Razor Review!

   I received another Bzzkit yaaaaaay! This time I got to try out the Shick Hydro Silk razor, an awesome razor that will make you throw away any razor you have lying around your bathroom! I also got a bunch of coupons to share with friends!

   I actually have prior experience with this razor, I use it on a weekly basis! I had first gotten one through my Birchbox subscription, and from there I was hooked! This razor is friggin' amazing! Since using this razor I have smooth baby soft legs after every shave that, when not attacked by cold weather of course, look great! This razor is so awesome, you'll want to show off your gorgeous legs!

On to the Review!

my razor and the new  razor :)

   The razor has 5 "curve sensing" blades with skin guards that give a close shave without cutting or irritating you. The handle is awesome, it's soft  and the grip gives you superior control. Plus, the shape of the handle makes it so that the razor is never submerged in water, preserving it for longer! There is also a water-activated moisturizing serum made with marine extracts and shea butter on the on the top and bottom of the razor that hydrates and helps the razor glide across skin with ease. This razor is great for shaving anywhere on your body, armpits, ankles, you name it! My favorite part of this razor is the pivoting head, it makes for seamless shaving!

   Now, what is one of the hardest places to shave on your body ladies? If you said knees, you're totally right! If you thought something else, it's great for that too! 

   I can't even begin to count how many times I've nicked my knees while shaving! Other razors I've used wouldn't even get everything. The pivoting head and the blades glide over my knees so easily and gets all of the hair. It makes shaving super fast too! A few quick swipes and your good to go! The one thing I would highly suggest is that you use a shaving cream and not a body soap with this razor, I think the soap and the serum together form a slimy mix that is just a pain in the ass to wash out of the blades.
   My legs get super dry during the winter, and even with that being the case, this razor gives my legs several days of relief! After using this razor my legs are silky and hydrated for a while!

   Another great thing about this razor is that it is refillable! The refills come in 4 packs, and since each blade refill lasts super long you won't have to buy more for quite a while! The razor also comes with a shower hook, so you can stick it to your bathroom wall and have your razor easily accessible! 

   Still not sold? well check out the awards this razor has won:

Winner: Best Razor, 2012 Cosmo Beauty Awards

Named Best Hair Remover: 2012 Beauty Awards Fitness Magazine, Prevention Magazine and Ladies' Home Journal

   This razor isn't only a ladies' fave, men love it too! My bf kept stealing my Shick Hydro Silk razor to use because he loved how well it shaved his face without cutting or irritating. Now that there's a second he can have one of his own and I won't have to go on a police search for mine! I highly recommend this razor, you will not be disappointed! You can buy it and the refills at any drugstore or online, the starter kit sells for about $9.49 and the 4 pack of refills usually goes for about $15.11. 

Happy shaving ladies!

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