Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Lime Crime Fairytale Hand Mirror!

Any Lime Crime fans out there? Then you might want to check this out! I fell in love with this item, and just had to show you all!

   For anyone new to the brand, Lime Crime is a gorgeous line of cosmetics (vegan btw) that is great for bringing out your inner storybook princess! Recently they came out with the Fairytale Hand Mirror, a beautiful mirror adorned in gemstones and pearls that is so pretty it'd make even Snow White jealous! The original price was $29.99, but I got it on sale for $14.99!

This mirror is absolutely gorgeous! It has a handmade quality to it, which I love, and is so elegant! The gold and red work so well together, and the red gemstones with the pearls make it a beautiful piece for any vanity! I really wanted to show you all this beautiful mirror, so here are some pics!

Dying to get your hands on one? Check out Lime Crime's website and get this and gorgeous cosmetics!

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