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Friday, February 22, 2013

Julep February: A-List Glam!

   This month Julep got us red carpet ready and set us up with some A-List nail colors for any event! This month's box also came with a couple of little treats as well!
   This month Julep gave us colors inspired by the Academy Awards! They also introduced holographic polish, colors that dry matte but have a multicolor sheen to them! We also got an eyelash curler as a bonus gift for Hollywood worthy eyes!

   In this box Julep also introduced their new Oxygen Nail Treatment and Freedom Polymer Topcoat, two nail products that are just awesome!

   I switched up my box this month and swapped my Classic with a Twist box for an It Girl Box. In my box I received Joan, Marion, Rebel and the Freedom Polymer Topcoat. I also got two add ons, Oscar and the Oxygen Nail Treatment. 

Joan ($14.00)

   A plum with rose gold shimmer. You get good coverage, but you may need a second coat, sometimes it can be a bit streaky. It dries fairly quickly.

Marion ($14.00)

   A smoky blue with silver shimmer. It has great coverage, you should only need one coat. It dries quickly.

Rebel ($14.00)

   A silver holographic. I thought this was really cool, it dries super fast and when light reflects off it you see rainbows! It has great coverage too, only one coat is needed.

Oscar ($14.00)

   A gold glitter polish. This is a nice glitter, and it dries quickly. However, the glitter doesn't look even on the nails, so a second and even a third coat might be needed depending on how much coverage you're looking for.

Freedom Polymer Topcoat ($18.00)

   This is hands down the best topcoat I've ever used! It goes on like a polish, but gives gel coverage. In natural light it dries quickly, and for longer lasting results  you can dry it under a 60 watt bulb. Whichever way you dry it the results are fantastic! My manicures last much longer, my nails didn't chip for a few days.  It's like I have armor on my fingers! My nails are able to withstand work, chores and carelessness since using it. The only downside this topcoat has it that once the polish starts to chip, it doesn't just chip, it peels away. I guess it bonds to the polish, but in a way this kind of makes for easy removal without the need for polish remover. Either way you look at it this is a great topcoat, and I will definitely be getting more when I run out!

Oxygen Nail Treatment ($18.00)

   This is a really cool nail product! It's a tinted nail treatment that helps to repair nails that are prone to breaking and peeling. I have both of those issues, and this stuff is like nail makeup! The polish is a light pink tint, you may need to use a second or third coat to actually see the color though. This gives your nails a chance to breathe between polishes with a subtle hint of color. I hate going bare on my nails, I feel naked. This actually wasn't so bad, and it lasted pretty long without chipping. I did see an improvement in my nails the first time I used it, but I haven't been diligent with it honestly. I love my colors too much! But I will be using it more often now, since the peeling is getting a bit more frequent. You should not use a color polish over this by the way, the point of this is to give your nails a break! Some people have been using it under colors which totally defeats the damn purpose, but to each their own. They suggest using it once or twice a week, so I will have to get to repairing! 

If you would like to join Julep you can sign up here!

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