Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Glade Expressions Review

   I was selected for another Bzzkit for Glade Expressions! ( I'm on fyaaaaah!) this time I had to review Glade Expressions fragrance mist and Glade Expressions Oil Diffuser. We were given coupons to get them for free, all we had to pay was the tax. We also got some coupons to share! There was a good and a bad side to this Bzzkit, I found the fragrance mist very easily at my local drugstore, but I couldn't find the oil diffuser ANYWHERE! I went to every drugstore in my neighborhood, and the ones near my job, and nothing! I do not live anywhere near a Walmart so I was pretty heartbroken that I couldn't find it. But I refused to just throw in the towel, so I went online and found one and bought it myself!

   The fragrance mist I got was the Pineapple and Mangosteen. I love it! It makes my house smell so delicious! One spray and my room is an exotic getaway! I like the spray nozzle as well, it protects the opening from falls. All you have to do is squeeze the neck of the bottle and spritz! I want to try the others, I think I saw a lavender one online, and I am a lavender nut! Everyone who came into my house was loved what they smelled! The best thing was that it helped with pet odors! I have three little dogs, who make enough of a mess of things as it is. Needless to say, smell can be an issue, especially when guests come over. This spray doesn't cover the smell, it gets rid of it! My hallways smelled super fresh, what a relief!

   I bought The Lavender and Juniper Berry oil diffuser, I love how long it lasts! It comes with the decorative stand, a diffuser card that absorbs the oil, and the oil bottle, which sits in the stand. All you have to do is click the card into the bottle and set it where you want. I love the cute stand, it's better than an air freshener cone. I know I'm not a huge fan of announcing that I worry about how my house smells, so this decorative diffuser is also discreet. I am in love with this scent as well, I love walking into my room and being engulfed in lavender!

   You can find the spray at some drugstores and supermarkets, but the oil diffuser is hard to find. Walmart definitely has them though, so go to your nearest one or go online and experience Glade Expressions for yourself!


  1. The design of this is actually very pretty. Glad it did a good job of getting rid of the pet odor. Maybe I should get one to clear my stinky brother's room...

    1. haha! i won't lie it did great for the stinky places in my house. my bf's brother has several lizards, snakes and rats, and while they're all cool the smell they produce is not cool at all! i lent the oil diffuser to him for his room and you would never have known he had any animals in the room if you didn't see it for yourself! unfortunately he didn't realize this was not a disposable diffuser and he threw it in the trash lol luckily i found it and cleaned it up, now i have to hunt for new scents to try, the lavender and juniper has been my go to scent since i got this!

    2. That is a lot of pets! Good thing you found the diffuser before they threw the garbage out the house.