Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Big Pink Box November!

   This month's Big Pink Box seemed to be all about accessorizing! This box had some great stuff in it, and I can't wait to share it with you!

   For those of you new to The Big Pink Box, this is a subscription service ($25.00) offered every month (which you have to purchase either a month at a time or by 3 months at a time) that showcases products from beauty to clothing by indie women owned companies! There are only 100 boxes offered a month so you have to move fast to get your hands on one!

Komplete Accessory Boutique

   I got these awesome piano key earrings from this company. These were my favorite item in the box! They're so funky and cute, I've been getting compliments on them since I started wearing them! (full sized product: $25.00)

Incredible Boutique
(404) 229-8710

   These bracelets are super cute! I love the color combo with the crystal accents, it gives a punk princess vibe. The website is full of other really pretty items, so check it out! (full sized product: $30.00)

Cream and Coco
twitter: @creamandcoco
instagram: @creamandcoco

   This company sells handmade soaps and other skincare items. I received a Berry Mudslide soap bar, it smelled nice. I liked how it made my skin feel, and I liked that I was using organic handmade soap. I felt so fancy! The bar looked cool too, like a piece of marble! (sample sized product: $4.00)

Conspiracy 13
etsy shop: conspiracy13
twitter: @conspiracy_13

   I got a woven bracelet from Conspiracy13, a company that makes rocker inspired jewelry. I love this! I have a bit of a rocker streak in me, so I was happy to see something a little more my taste in the box. The bracelet is suede and chain woven together, and fits very comfortable on the wrist. Check out their etsy shop for other cool rocker accessories! (full sized product: $27.00)

Sarah's Boutique
(678) 805-SARA

   I honestly have to say I was not impressed with this item. Apparently this is worth $10, but I live near Chinatown, where I'm sure I can find these exact earrings, or better, for way less. They are pretty, but I feel that this was a cheap representation of the brand compared to what I saw on their website. These earrings aren't even offered on their site, so I'm confused as to why they would even use this as their pink box product. The items offered on their site are way better, and I feel that this item poorly represented the brand. Had I not looked at their website I probably would never have considered ever purchasing from them. If you are a fashionista looking for the right accessory to compliment your look, check out their site! (full sized product: $10.00)

Spectrum Cosmetics

   This was the only cosmetic item I received this time around, but it's great! It was a fun added bonus to the box. It's a shimmer lacquer with a hint of pink, perfect for a natural look! It wasn't sticky at all, and it lasted a while. Spetrum Cosmetics has so many great items for sale on their website, and I highly recommend you check them out! A great plus to purchasing on their site - every purchase goes to helping find the cure for autism! (hence their name "spectrum") This is a very personal plus for me, my youngest brother is autistic, and I love him very much. The fact that I can support such a goodhearted company in their fight, and know they're fighting alongside me and my family makes it amazing! (full sized product: $16.00)

   The Big Pink Box has no more subscriptions left for the year, so you'll have to wait for the January box to open up! So keep an eye out for next year's goodies!

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