Saturday, November 24, 2012

November Maven Box!

   This month Julep released their suede collection, featuring warm colors inspired by fall. Some of the colors even have a matte suede finish!

   This month I couldn't resist some of the gorgeous colors available, and some of them actually had matte suede finishes! I also got two of the add-ons. My box was jam packed with nice stuff!

   This month's Classic with a Twist colors were Minka and Brit. I also received a Pink Grapefruit Body Frosting, and some nail polish remover pads an extra. The box also had a mini booklet of holiday gift ideas from their online shop! My add-ons were Nora and Trina.

give the gift of glam!

Minka ($14.00)

   This is a red suede. It dries very quickly and the matte finish makes it gorgeous! It applies evenly and I only needed one coat for full coverage.

Brit ($14.00)

   This is a silver suede, also matte. I love silver polish! It dries quickly and evenly, and you only need one coat for full coverage.

Trina ($14.00)

   This is a deep purple shimmer. This shade doesn't have a suede finish, but it's still gorgeous! This shade is great for fall, this season deep purples and reds are everywhere!
For this shade I would suggest two coats, it applies evenly but it was a little light on the first coat. 

Nora ($14.00)

   This is a purple silver suede. This is another shade with a matte suede finish, and I absolutely love it! It applies evenly and dries quickly. You only need one coat for full coverage. 

Pink Grapefuit Body Frosting ($18.00)

   I thought this was really nice! It smells amazing and melts into my skin and leaves it feeling super soft! I love how it really looks whipped, it looked delicious!

Polish Remover Pads ($9.99 for set of ten, coming soon)

   I actually figured these were just cheap little polish remover pads with their logo on it, but I was surprised at how well they worked! I have had crap luck with polish remover pads, so I was very skeptical. I needed only one pad for my whole hand, and it didn't leave my nails looking dry. These aren't available for purchase yet, but they will be soon!

   If you would like to join Julep you can sign up here! And remember, the promo code PENNY will get you your first box for a penny!

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