Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Lip Scrub and Lip Slip by Sara Happ Review!

   I am very happy to be sharing this product with you all! I bought this lip care duo on Coterie, a members-only site that offers exclusive access to various products by top beauty brands. The site collaborates with different brands to offer the best deals on the newest and most popular beauty products on the market! 

I love the packaging!
   The Lip Scrub is a sugar scrub that gently exfoliates the lips and leaves them feeling baby soft! It comes in different flavors, and as a chocoholic I got mine in Cocoa. As an added bonus for getting the scrub I was given the Lip Slip, a moisturizing lip balm that compliments the scrub very well. Both came in adorable little gift boxes topped with cute little bows!

The Lip Scrub in Cocoa ($24.00)

   The scrub is amazing! It has a teeny hint of chocolate taste to it, but a funny aftertaste afterwards. It isn't bad, not enough to deter from the awesomeness of the product! To exfoliate, you take a generous amount (which isn't a lot, a little goes a long way!) and in a circular motion use your fingers to rub it on your lips. Afterwards you just tissue off and voila! Soft, kissable lips! I am absolutely in love with this scrub, since I started using it my lips have felt so nice!

The Lip Slip Balm ($24.00)

   This balm is the perfect follow up to your scrub! It has no color, but it hydrates lips, leaving them even softer! My lips felt so supple and delicate, I was truly surprised! Even my bf told me how kissably soft my lips felt! Now that's a plus!

   I have used other lip scrubs before, but none of them had given me results as nice as this! I highly recommend this lip duo to everyone, and if chocolate isn't your thing the Sara Happ website has other scrumptious flavors to choose from! So what are you waiting for? Get scrubbing!

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