Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Bootie Nail Polish?

   While looking through my AOL news feed, I came across a headline that said, "Most Unusual Nail Polish Makes Debut". Well I love nail polish! What can be so strange about - ooooooooohhhhhh......

   Bootie Babe is a brand that is all about, well booties. The mastermind behind this brand is Mark O'Hara, who used to be in a 15 guy band called Superbooty. According to O'Hara, the band was silly and fun, so he brought back that energy and channeled it into this brand of ever expanding bootie....well that didn't come out right. 

   According to the Stylelist article, the booty shaped nail polish was initially released last year, but there were some design flaws.

original design

new and improved design

   The original bottle had a shorter cap which caused a leaking issue, and there was also a complaint amongst beauty bloggers that the brush was too short as well. So after fixing these issues, Bootie Babe is bouncing back for a re-release this month! Get it? Bouncing?

   They can't all be gold, people.

   O'Hara has no intention of stopping at nail polish either. He wants to make other booty-themed items as well, but no offense man, I would not eat any booty shaped candy or wear butt shoes. Just sayin'...

   Some people have found this to be sexist because of the bottles. Really? It's a butt! It's not your butt, or mine, so what the heck? I think the idea is funny, and definitely different. Each color also has a booty themed name (there are 24 colors), which I'm sure people who can stand a good joke will like. Here's a few gems for ya: 

* Fruity Patootie

* Freaky Cheeky

* Coolio Azulio

* Lilac Got Back

* Tears for Rears

* Killer Keister

   And that's to name a few! The colors are actually pretty nice, I will probably be getting one or two myself. If nothing else it'll make for a fun addition to my polish collection!

   If you would like to pick up a booty polish for yourself you can pre-order on their website, plus this polish is cruelty free! Fun and Friendly! So check out Bootie Babe Polish and find your fave!

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