Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Sephora Hello Kitty Sweet Gloss and Pen Pal Eyeliner

   I am a huge Hello Kitty fan! So when I found out a while back that Sephora had a line of Hello Kitty makeup I went nuts! So I hit Sephora to see what I could bring home!

as you can see, I really like Hello Kitty!

   Over time two of the products in the Hello Kitty line have become my favorite, the Sweet Gloss and the Pen Pal Eyeliner. I use these so much I can't imagine what I'd do without them!

my favorites, Sweet Gloss in Apple and Pen Pal Eyeliner in Goodnight Dreams

Sweet Gloss, Apple ($16.00)

   This is my favorite color gloss in this line! It smells yummy and adds a hint of color to lips while keeping your lips soft and moisturized! And I love the packaging! The little tube with Hello Kitty all over it is super cute! When I'm too lazy to put on makeup I just put some of this on and I'm good to go! I get asked sometimes if I'm wearing makeup when I only wear this, and when I tell them no they're surprised. When I put this gloss on it kind of brightens my whole face, so I do kind of look like I'm wearing more than I actually am!

Pen Pal Eyeliner, Goodnight Dreams & Purple Balloon ($16.00)

left swatch: Purple Balloon
right swatch: Goodnight Dreams

   I am in love with these eyeliners, the black liner has easily become my favorite! These liners have a felt tip that are very precise, and the liner itself is highly pigmented and lasts long. I can't say it's totally waterproof though, in the cold weather my eyes tear, so my cat eyes tend to get washed away. On the lid it works great, it glides on easily and you have great control. I bought Goodnight Dreams because I loved how rich it looked, it is perfect for making a dramatic eye. I bought Purple Balloon because I love purple. Purple Balloon is lighter than the others, and looks like more of a blue or periwinkle when you apply it. It does last long, and you can always experiment and mix the liners together for a cute design!

   This makeup line has easily become one of my favorites! For a while Sephora had a Tokidoki line, but the quality of the products was hit and miss. This line has some of the best makeup I've ever used, and for affordable prices! I highly recommend you check out the Hello Kitty line, it's high quality cuteness! Check out your local Sephora or and see what you're missing!

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  1. Thank you for this post! I got a sample of the hello kitty perfume and it smells so pretty! I love what you picked up.