Sunday, December 9, 2012

December Maven Box!

   The holidays are upon us, and Julep is helping make this season merry and bright with their gorgeous sparkling December shades! I fell in love with all the glittery colors, but I was a good girl and only added two extras to my box. This box was super special, it even had pretty snowflake paper and the polishes were wrapped with a gold bow!

   In my box I received Scarlett and Barbara, a tube of warming foot scrub, and as a fun extra treat mavens were given a make your own cabochon ring kit and a little peppermint treat!

to personalize the ring all I had to do was paint the back of the cabochon stone with the color of my choice!
ermahgerd! perppermernt! 

   In addition to my maven box I got two add-ons, Harper and and Vivien.

Scarlett ($14.00)

   This is a vibrant metallic red with micro glitter. It is a really pretty color, it kind of reminded me of Rudolph's nose, so I will call this Rudolph red!

   It applies evenly and you seriously only need one coat. But you have to make sure to take off a good amount from the brush before application, the polish pools into the sides. Besides that it dries quickly and looks great!

Barbara ($14.00)

   This is a purple glitter polish. While it does give full coverage I prefer to add a second coat so my nail is extra sparkly!

the sparkles!
  I would most likely wear this over another color rather than on its own, maybe if there was a purple tint to the polish it would be different. It dries very fast though, and is very festive, perfect for this holiday season!

Harper ($14.00)

   This is an opalescent mermaid blue with glitter. In the spirit of the holidays I'm going to call this Jack Frost Blue!

this is my Jack Frost <3
   It goes on a little light, so I would suggest two coats to really get that blue and sparkly combo! If you want to experiment, try it over another light blue to see how it looks!

Vivien ($14.00)

   This is a champagne gold with glitter. I really like this polish, but it's a bit of a pain in the butt. The round glitter is kind of temperamental, so you won't always get a decent amount of it on your nail. The polish itself is mostly clear, but it has a gold micro glitter that is nice. I would suggest to use at least two coats or more to get the look you want. I would also suggest using this over another color, either a gold or even black, to get the most out of this polish. It does dry quickly, and overall is a fun polish that I will call sleigh bell gold!

Instant Warming Foot Scrub ($22.00)

   This stuff is so cool! It smells amazing and is perfect to use in this frosty holiday weather! It has a cucumber mint scent, and has pumice and chili pepper oil to stimulate circulation and exfoliate. I used this on my feet and I was like 

   This made my feet feel so pampered! The warming sensation feels really nice, and the end result is very soft and sweet smelling tootsies! During the winter my skin is very dry, and this helped to nourish my moisture deprived feet. This is my new favorite foot care product, and I will continue to use it forever!

Oh! And as for my cabochon ring, I decided to mix Harper and Vivien for the perfect winter accessory! 

   Would you like to become a maven and get nice goodies delivered to your door every month? Join Julep today, and use the promo code PENNY to get your first box for a penny!

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  1. i loved the swatches, and everything, but i died at the oh my like i sat there hypnotized saying it over and over in my head laughing. lol. <3 love love as always.