Monday, December 3, 2012

Look Bag November

  I feel that this month the Look Bag kind made up for last month's product fiasco, almost everything I received was full sized. I had issues pricing some of these items like last time, leading me to discover that some of the items are either no longer available or hard to find. I believe that they receive their products from third party companies, which sucks but I can't do anything about it. I'm debating cancellation at this point, I'm not sure I want to keep receiving discontinued items if I can't find the full sizes of what I love. Despite my wandering thoughts, I was happy with what I received for the most part.

   In my bag I received a sample of Lola by Marc Jacobs, an eyeshadow from POP Beauty, a pair of tweezers from Sally Hansen, a bar of soap from June Jacobs, a liquid lipstick from Korres, a sample pack of skincare products from Scarlett and Greene, and a mini glitter liner from Too Faced. I was very excited when I saw all this stuff, and the full sized products made me feel like I really got my money's worth!

Lola by Marc Jacobs ($22.00-$88.00)

   I am in love with this perfume! Lola has a very soft peony scent that is amazing. I went nuts when I smelled this, it was gorgeous! It is light yet sophisticated, I wanted to tape my wrist to my face to keep smelling it!

    Yea, I got a little hyped, but if you were to smell this you would too!

POP Beauty Eyeshadow, Lavender Love ($14.00 on various sites)

   This seems to be a discontinued item, but I love it all the same. It's a very light lavender with a hint of shimmer. It is highly pigmented, and glides on effortlessly to eyelids. There was a little fallout but nothing to really be concerned about. I love the color! It is very reminiscent of spring, but I think I will be wearing this for Christmas!

Sally Hansen La Cross Tweezers (price unknown)

   I could not for the life of me find where to buy these tweezers, so these must be discontinued. These were interesting, I had never seen a pair of tweezers with a rounded tip, and I wasn't entirely sure what to use these for. So I used them for the regular stuff I'd use my normal tweezers for, and they worked surprisingly well. I actually didn't pinch myself as much either, it was a nice change of pace. I may be using these the wrong way, but they work for what I need them for.

June Jacobs Green Tea and Cucumber Body Bar (price unkown)

   I think this was the one item in the bag I wasn't too thrilled about. This looks like one of those hotel soaps.

if you've seen Dr. Tran you'll know exactly who this is XD

   It smells nice, and cleanses okay. I felt like I had a little residue left on my skin so I had to rinse my skin more thoroughly a second time. My skin felt moisturized and soft afterwards. I could not find this specific bar on the brand website, but they have a line of other products with this scent.

Korres Liquid Lipstick 56, Vibrant Red ($22.00)

   This is a really nice lipstick! The color glides on lips, and has a nice glossy finish. The red is so vibrant and creamy, I fell in love with it! It has a brush applicator, making it easy to apply. And it smells kind of like vanilla, which I thought was nice. They offer other colors, but for $22.00 I dunno if I'll be getting the others anytime soon. I'm so glad I got the full size in my bag!

Scarlett and Greene Skincare Sample Pack

Under Cover Natural Moisturizer ($21.95), Bare All Breakout Control Wash ($22.95), Come Clean Cleanser and Makeup Remover ($22.95)

   Apparently this skin trio is for "young" skin, and I have no clue what age constitutes young skin. I'm 24, so I imagine I'd be in the bracket somewhere. Unless this is for teens, in which case screw it. 
   I used the cleanser/makeup remover, and it smelled gross. It reminded me of spoiled fruit. It cleanses okay, my skin felt kind of tight and dryer than before washing. So I figured to try the moisturizer. It has no smell, and it is thick. It doesn't really absorb well into the skin, it feels like a good amount of it stays on top of your skin, and it feels a little greasy. I didn't need the breakout control wash, since I have had no recent breakouts, but I haven't had a breakout in a long time.  Overall I was unimpressed with this line of skincare, and I will not be looking into the full sizes. 

Too Faced Starry Eyed Glitter Liner in Ooh and Aah ($15.75 for full size)

   This glitter liner is super pretty and easy to apply! It isn't sticky and it doesn't smudge easy. It has black and silver glitter, and lasts long. I used it the first day I got it and received a lot of compliments on my eyes! I want all of them now!

   I may tough out this subscription to see what I get in December, if I really like my bag I will continue, but if not I'll have to say goodbye to TLB. I liked this bag, so there may still be hope yet. If you would like to try out the The Look Bag for yourself you can sign up here.

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  1. This review pretty much sums up the bag pretty well! I loved the dr tran reference! I love the little comic reliefs! and i havent tried the face stuff yet from the folded booklet. Not looking foward to the spoiled fruit smell. thanks for the heads up