Friday, December 21, 2012

Sample Society December!

   This month Sample Society really stepped it up, I got some really awesome stuff! I really hope the next boxes are as good, I was really taken by this one!

   In this month's box I received a mini smudge crayon from Stila, a sample of BB cream from Hanskin, a sample of retinol cream from Murad, a mini bottle of 3 in 1 wash from Philiosophy, and an eye cream from Delaney Wellness.

Stila Smudge Crayon, Umber ($22.00 for full size)

   I thought this was great! I love Stila products, and this did not disappoint! This is a dark copper, it is very creamy and blends well. It lasts pretty long too. It is also highly pigmented, so you don't need to use a lot! I had actually never used one of these smudge crayons before, what a shame! I love this! I'm thinking I'll be buying other colors very soon!

Hanskin Premium Perfect Super Magic BB Cream SPF30 PA++ ($33.00 for full size)

   This stuff is really amazing! It's super light and creamy, nongreasy and blends so well into skin, giving a flawless (and pale) look - to my hand. Unfortunately, while this BB cream was really nice, it wasn't meant for my skin tone, so I couldn't use it on my face. It is meant for lighter skin tones, I am olive skinned. I wish we were able to choose our skin tone for samples like this, it's a real bummer when you find something you love but can't use. The sample packet of their Natural Skin Tone BB cream was more to my skin tone, and it was very nice! It was just as good as the Magic BB, it wasn't greasy and my face looked flawless! These also have the added bonus of being an anti-wrinkle cream, so I was really blown away by this product!

Murad Age Reform Time Release Retinol Concentrate ($65.00 for full size)

   I honestly could not use this sample. This anti-wrinkle cream is meant for deep wrinkles, which thankfully I do not have yet. I couldn't knock it though, I know that they cater to women of different ages, so it's ok. Also luckily for me, the women in my family age very gracefully, so hopefully I shouldn't see any serious wrinkles for a long time.

Philosophy Living Grace Shampoo, Bath and Shower Gel ($22.00 for full size)

   I love this soap! It works so well for everything and smells so nice! As a shampoo it's great, my hair felt so soft. It minimizes build up in hair, but if you have an issue with dandruff this is not really meant for that. You could use this after your anti-dandruff regimen though! As a bubble bath it's very soothing, my skin felt conditioned and I felt luxurious soaking in this stuff! As a shower gel it's the best! It lathers very well so you don't need a lot, and it softens skin to baby-like texture!

Delaney Wellness Rejuvenating Eye Cream ($135. for full size)

   I like this eye cream a lot! It's a light pearlescent cream that firms skin under and around the eye while brightening. While I could not feel my skin tightening, I did see a difference after using it for two days. I have slightly dark circles under my eyes, and this actually helped to improve them a bit. It absorbs into skin well too, so it doesn't just sit there. You only need a small dot of it per eye, and this was a very generous sample. I'll have this for quite some time!

   If you would like to join Sample Society you can sign up here! And if you use my code KIKY6620 they will donate money to charity!

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