Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Glam Bag December: Haute Holiday!

   Oh man, did Ipsy knock this month's bag out of the park! I am so in love with everything I received! I even fell in love with the bag! Initially in the sneak peek I was like eh, kinda boring. But in person I was like


   The bag is simple but classy! Now, I want to show you guys real quick that Ipsy is getting real serious with these bags, it took me a minute to realize that they have their name all over the lining inside of the bag!

I love this little silver bag!
how cute!

   Now to show you the lovely goodies I was showered with this month!

   Almost everything in this bag looked full size! Only three of them actually are, but honestly this will all last me forever!
   Now as you can see, I have six items in my bag rather than the usual five. Why is that you might ask? Well I will get to that later on, so keep reading!
   In this month's bag I received a tube of Mirabella primer, a tube of lip gloss from Be a Bombshell, a bottle of loose pigment shadow from NYX, an eyeliner pencil from Urban Decay, a book of highlighter papers from Mai Couture, and another product from Urban Decay, which I will be introducing to you guys later on!

Mirabella Prime for Face and Eyes ($29.00)

   This primer is different from other primers I've used before. It's a gel, and it works pretty well! It is a bit greasy, but if you work it in it isn't as greasy. You definitely don't need a lot either, a dab will do ya! It works pretty well on eyes, there is no creasing, but I didn't use it on my face. The greasiness made me a little worried to try it, I have sensitive skin. Overall this is a really nice primer, and since I got a full size I'll have this forever!

Be a Bombshell Lip Gloss, Hot Mess ($14.00)

one application

   OMG I love this gloss! I love the color, it isn't sticky and it make my lips pop! I build up the color a bit for a more dramatic look, but even a quick swipe looks nice! I was first introduced to this brand by Ipsy, and now I am addicted!

NYX Loose Pearl Shadow, Mocha ($3.00)

   This is such a pretty eyeshadow! A little goes a long way, I only needed a little bit to cover my lids! This shadow is highly pigmented, and the pearly shimmer adds that extra dash of glam! You can also get creative and use this on your nails as part of a funky design!

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil, Zero ($19.00 for full size)

   I've been in the habit of using liner pens lately, so I wasn't sure I'd like this. The reviews I read about this liner weren't very positive either, but in all honesty I really like this liner! It glides on lids effortlessly, and lasts pretty long. The pigment is almost like a tattoo, so I built it up a bit.  

Mai Couture Highlighter Papier ($28.00 for full size)

   These highlighter papers are really amazing! I could not believe how much brighter my face looked after swiping a little around my face. I highly recommend using this on your brow bone after applying your eye makeup, it looks gorgeous! These are super easy to use, and you can get at least two uses out of one sheet! I used this on my nose, my cheeks, my brow bone, and a little on my forehead right over my eyebrows. I was so blown away by this product, I have been using it every time I go out!

Exclusive Preview: Urban Decay Naked Skin Beauty Balm

         And now for an exclusive look at Urban Decay's newest upcoming product! 

   While looking through my bag I saw this and was pleasantly surprised. I thought, a sixth item this month? Nice! I didn't remember seeing anything about it on the site though. Then I noticed a cute silver card that said "exclusive preview", which said that I was selected to try this not yet released product and review it. Needless to say I was super excited! I also didn't really read the email I got when they sent me my tracking info, and it said there that I was getting something extra, I felt like a ditz afterwards when looking back at it, but this way it really felt like a surprise!
   Urban Decay is releasing a beauty balm as part of their Naked line. This balm was so amazing! It is very light and silky, and it blends well. It corrects blemishes and evens skin tone. I loved how this felt on my skin! It was as if I had nothing on! It blends so effortlessly into my skin. I have a few blemishes on my face, and while this didn't cover them up completely, it did blur them enough that they were hardly noticeable. I used a matte foundation powder over it to complete the look and it was great! You don't need a lot of it either, it is very creamy and spreads easily. It doesn't feel greasy on skin at all! I was so glad I got to try this, I will definitely be buying the full size when it's released! The release date is sometime in January so keep an eye out!

   If you would like to join me and my fellow glammies and receive amazing products each month join Ipsy!

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