Friday, December 21, 2012

MAC Spring 2013 Collections!

   Just in time for spring MAC will be releasing a few new lines in their ever growing repertoire!

Apres Chic

   Apres Chic is a very beautiful assortment of cool colors, perfect for the chilly weather ahead! The colors are also very reminiscent of springtime, with it's pale floral lip colors and earthy yet radiant shadows and blushes.

   *This line will be available December 26th at all MAC stores, and December 24th online*


   I really love the look of this collection! The model for this line is great too, the ad really showcases the strong yet feminine accents of this line. The lip colors are very vibrant while the blushes are very natural and toned down, balancing power and femininity very well. 

  *This line will also be available December 26th at all MAC stores, and December 24th online*

Archie's Girls

   Any Archie fans out there? Then feast your eyes on this fun collection inspired by famous comic frenemies Betty and Veronica! Every fangirl is either on team Betty or Team Veronica, and this collection captures the personality of both Archie-crazed ladies! You can either be a natural beauty or a glammed out bombshell! The colors chosen kind of remind me of the color scheme of the old Archie comics, for example I see a Jughead blue eyeshadow there! This looks like it's going to be a super fun line and I can't wait to get my hands on a few of these! For the record, I've always been a fan of Betty, but for this line I'll be wearing both girls' looks!

   *release not known yet*

Make sure to look out for all these great collections coming soon! 

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