Friday, October 5, 2012

Cinderella Moonlit Kiss Lipstick Set!

   Get ready for some Disney beauty goodness! As I mentioned in an earlier blog which you can read here, Disney and Sephora teamed up for a gorgeous makeup collaboration!  Sephora created a collection of makeup inspired by the classic movie Cinderella! I believe this was to commemorate the movie's re release on DVD. Cinderella was my favorite princess, so I was super stoked to get anything in this collection!

   I bought the Moonlit Kiss lipstick set, the shades are reflections of some of the many color pantones used in the movie.

look how they glisten!

gorgeous design!

I love the pumpkin carriage on top!

   I fell in love with the packaging! I felt so giddy when I started to admire the detail on the box! To top off the royal motif, they were set in a velvet lined case, and the tubes had a gorgeous vine design coming down all around the top! I had hoped that the tubes were actual metal, but they were plastic, which is alright, because when I use up these shades I will most definitely be preserving them for another shade in a too plain for my preference tube!

   The shades in this elegant collection are Lady Tremain, Pumpkin, Who Is She, and My Moment.  They have a dollar store lipstick smell, but it isn't cringe inducing, I didn't really care honestly, I feel the presentation and quality more than made up for it!

Lady Tremaine

   This one is my favorite of the collection! It is a deep berry shade, and isn't streaky. It is opaque, but has a teeny bit of shimmer. As a kid I could not stand Lady Tremaine, but I gotta admit, her color palette was elegant! 


   This shade is an opaque pastel peach, and also non streaky. I never really thought to try a color like this before, but I really like this shade. It pops without being too loud.

Who Is She?

   This is a pastel pink, another color I never really thought to try. I really like how this looks, it reminds me of the beautiful pink dress Cinderella made for the ball before her horrible stepsisters trashed it. I remember as a kid watching that scene and getting so angry! 

My Moment

   This looks like a pink shimmer, but it is just the shimmer. You can put this over or under another shade, so while I was kind of disappointed it wasn't an actual shade, I like the versatility. I can also give the other three shades a princess pop with this!

I want everything in this collection! I am a huge Disney fan, and I hope Sephora releases more princess inspired collections! This October seems to be the month of Disney!

You can find this and the rest of the collection on Sephora's website or in their stores! 

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  1. I like you review on this! If i didn't buy them before i would have bought them after seeing this post! I like the light peach color on you. Its not something id ever see you choose but it looks nice against your skin tone!