Sunday, October 21, 2012

Green Grab Bag October

   Ok ready for yet another subscription? This one is for all you greenies out there who are dedicated to protecting our environment and using everything and anything organic or vegan! Even if you're not so into going green, maybe a program like this could turn that around!

everything came in a cute and recyclable brown paper bag!

   The Green Grab Bag is a monthly beauty subscription for 15 dollars a month (free shipping) that sends you deluxe and full size samples of organic and vegan beauty and skincare products! And everything is sent to you in an adorable (and reusable!) bag! This is my first one, I have read a lot of great reviews on this program and I like being green, so I figured why not try it and share the fun with all of you?

   I was blown away by everything I got! Everything was so cute and the samples were very generous! In my bag I received samples of ethicBioskin Organics Infusion Facial, Me and the Girls Moon Anti-Aging Night Facial Moisturizer, Beeseline Original, Coconut Hazelnut Sugar Scrub and Dark Chocolate Body Butter from Angelina Organic Skincare, two eyeshadows from Ferro Cosmetics, and two facial products from Pangea Organics.

ethicBioskin Organics Infusion Facial ($24.00 for full size)

   This is a cleansing oil, good for pre-cleansing, unclogging pores, makeup removal and ridding the skin of dirt and environmental toxins. It smells very botanical, a little like roses with a hint of eucalyptus. It is an oil, but it doesn't leave skin feeling sticky and slick. After using this my face felt very soft and clean!  

Me and the Girls Moon Anti-Aging Night Facial Moisturizer ($36.00 for full size)

   I like how this felt on my skin, it has an oily texture at first but my skin absorbed it quickly.  It has a very soft hint of fragrance, kind of like shea butter. This moisturizer is supposed to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and is rich in Vitamin E. It also won an award at the HBA GLOBAL BEAUTY EXPO 2012, not too shabby!

Beeseline Original ($3.99 for 0.5oz, $7.99 for 4oz)

   This is a natural alternative to petroleum jelly, and can be used for everything petroleum jelly is used for! There are only three ingredients in this product, coconut oil, antiseptic and honey! You can use it on your lips, hair, face, feet, anywhere! You can even use it to prime your face or remove makeup! It's also gentle enough to use on babies! This product is awesome! I put some on my lips and it made them feel so soft! You can't go wrong with this stuff!

Angelina Organic Skincare, Coconut Hazelnut Sugar Scrub and Dark Chocolate Body Butter ($6.00 and Up)

   I love these products! The scrub exfoliates really well and smells delicious! My skin felt super smooth and soft! And the body butter melted into my skin, it was heavenly! Apparently the butter is lickable too, or so the site says. So, I tried it...don't do it. It isn't as delicious as it smells. 

Ferro Cosmetics 15HR Mineral Eyeshadow, Champagne and Dirt ($17.00)

These are great shadows! They're highly pigmented, and have very unique textures! The container was a little stubborn and some fell out, so be careful when opening these! They blend so well! Champagne is pearly and soft, while Dirt is a matte cool brown with flecks of shimmer in it. And I love the little two-sided applicator that came with it, it was a nice addition!

Pangea Organics Australian Wild Plum & Willow Facial Cleanser ($8.00 for 1oz), Moroccan Argan with Willow & Rosemary Facial Cream ($16.00 for 1oz)

   I have actually sampled this brand before through Swaggable. The cleanser I received is actually the same as the one they sent me to review. So to quote that review, I like the cleanser a lot, but the scent was too strong for me. If they made the scent a little less strong I would love to use it regularly. As far as the facial cream goes, it smelled much better. It had a very light refreshing scent, and it absorbed into my skin very well. My skin felt soft and supple, with no oily residue. I may get the full size of the cream, I liked it a lot!

   So if you would like to try out some great beauty products while being environmentally conscious, check out the Green Grab Bag! You won't be disappointed!

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