Friday, October 19, 2012

E.L.F. Villainous Villains Makeup Book: Maleficent and The Evil Queen!

Happy October Lovelies!

   This month we have one of the greatest holidays of the year, Halloween! And besides Comic Con it's one of the things I look forward to every year! With the outrageous costumes of the season you also see lots of makeup, whether it be for a gory zombie or a glammed out witch! And this October, one of my favorite makeup lines released a set of devious makeup palettes that will bring out your evil side!

   For every hero (or princess!) there is always a villain trying to muck things up. But in the case of some Disney villains, as evil as they are they always manage to look devilishly glamorous! E.L.F. Cosmetics has released a collection of three makeup books inspired by three of Disney's most infamous villains: Maleficent, The Evil Queen, and Cruella DeVille! The palette books are really pretty, they look kind of like storybooks! And the inside is absolutely gorgeous!

   Each book is beautifully illustrated, and has eyeshadow, lip color, primer and false lashes to complete your evil glam look. It even comes with a beautifully illustrated guide for completing a villainous look for day or night!

Actual Breakdown of products in each book: 

8 Eyeshadows
2 Lip & Cheek Color Pencils
1 Eyeshadow Primer
1 Liquid Eyeliner
1 set of False Eyelashes
1 Lash Adhesive Glue
1 Built-in Mirror
   My awesome friend Nikki (check out her fabulous blog here!) told me about this collection, and I went crazy! I had to have it! I got two of the books, Maleficent and The Evil Queen. I wasn't too fond of Cruella's palette, the colors were not really my taste. Plus Cruella was never a villain I liked. Maleficent on the other hand is my absolute favorite Disney villain ever, and I squeed in excitement when I saw her on the front of the book! The Evil Queen palette was gorgeous as well, and who doesn't love the Evil Queen? So I copped them both at my local Walgreens and I skipped home in excitement! (well, I took the bus, but I was still totally excited!)

Maleficent and Evil Queen <3

Maleficent Makeup Book

   This is my favorite! Maleficent is my all time favorite Disney villain, and this makeup book is right out the movie! The eyeshadows are great (all E.L.F. makeup is!) and I love how the shades are named after aspects of the movie!

I love the mirror and the quote!

Night Villain Look

Day Evil Look

The Evil Queen Makeup Book

   Again I ask, who doesn't love the Evil Queen? This palette has some beautiful colors also inspired by the movie! And the looks are to die for!

Night Villain Look

Day Evil Look


   All the eyeshadows in these books are very nice, they're not too soft, but soft enough that you don't have to use a lot. The lip and cheek colors are very nice too! They're creamy and soft, and leave lips looking smooth and colorful!

   If you would like to purchase one of these sinfully gorgeous palettes, you have to go to your local Walgreens, they are an exclusive item for the store! So get em before they're gone!


  1. They are already gone in the wallgreens that is a hike away. this was such a nice collection but should have been available online,.

    1. i agree! they were in my local walgreens for like a day lol a bunch of ppl saw me buying them and i told them about how good elf was and bam! gone lol even the lady at the register left the register to get hers before they were gone lol