Sunday, October 21, 2012

October Glam Bag!

   Oh Glam Bag! You have amazed me yet again! I absolutely loved this month's bag! This month Ipsy gave us glammies the chance to release our inner Bombshell! We were given two amazing full size products and three fantastic deluxe samples to glam it up! 

love the clutch!

   In this month's bag I received a tube of Mirenesse Lip Bomb Glassy Lacquer Stain, a tube of Be a Bombshell's eyeliner, a sample of Couture Color Pequot Oil Treatment, a sample of The Balm's "The Body Builder" Black Mascara, and a sample palette of four eyeshadows from Coastal Scents. This bag was loaded with amazing goodies!

Mirenesse Lip Bomb Glassy Lacquer Stain #4 Pink ($35.10) 

   I love this lip color! This is a matte pink. It is so creamy and the applicator makes it super easy to apply the color evenly! It's like liquid lipstick! It also has a nice gloss finish that is just gorgeous! And with how rich this lacquer is it seems like I will be able to get a lot of uses out of this! I feel like this color compliments my Olive skin tone well, and makes my lips pop. I put this color on before going to pick up my little brothers from school, and the whole time I was out I was receiving compliments and getting double takes so I definitely felt like a rock star! I'm so happy I got the full size of this, and considering how expensive this one tube would have been had I bought it myself I feel like this one product was totally worth the 1o dollars a month! And I will most definitely be buying more colors from this brand when I can afford it! I highly recommend you give it a try!

Be a Bombshell Eyeliner ($14.00)

went a little design crazy but I couldn't help it! this liner is so fun to use!

   This is another product I am in love with! This eyeliner is a pen, making it super easy to apply! I am an artist, so I love the fact that I can be as creative with my makeup as I am on canvas or paper! The black color is also very rich, it doesn't look like watercolors upon application like other eyeliner pens I've tried. And it lasts longer than any liquid eyeliner I've ever tried! I put the liner on at work at around 1pm, and at 10pm it looked just as good as when I first applied it! I got the full size of this one too, I am so glad I got to try this!

Couture Color Pequot Oil Treatment ($12.00-$50.00, various sizes)

   This is a hair oil that restores softness and shine. I love how this made my hair feel! And it smells very nice! I just recently got a haircut and this helped to maintain my healthy look! And a little goes a long way, it's easy to work through the hair. This also helps to reduce frizzies and flyaways, which is a plus for me! I am most likely going to buy the full size.

The Balm's "The Body Builder" Black Mascara ($19.00 for full size)

closeup of eye with mascara and design ^_^
   This mascara is really nice! It gives lashes body without being heavy. It dries pretty quickly too, so you don't really need to worry about it smudging or leaving residue under your eyes when you blink or squint. I will definitely be buying the full size, I love how this made my lashes look! I used this along with the Be a Bombshell liner in the pic showing that funky design, I wanted to see how the two would look together and I loved the pairing!

Coastal Scents Eyeshadow (prices vary)

   I adore this little palette! I loved the packaging first off, it's super cute! And the colors are beautiful! There were an assortment of colors glammies could have gotten, and I feel my assortment really fit my style! The colors I received were Bright Yellow, Jewel Green, Gypsy Gold, and Dark Golden Olive. The yellow is matte while the others are shimmer. I have never used yellow before, so I enjoyed trying out a new color possibility! The shadows are very nice, and are highly pigmented. They apply very nicely, and look great with or without primer!I am not sure if I will get the full size, but I am not saying no yet! Coastal Scents is a very nice brand from what I've heard, and very affordable so I may find other colors I like, and I recommend anyone to check them out too!

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  1. I love your little design on your eye. its so pretty and artistic. I really love the the shadows in your quad. My glam has really gotten amazing from their first bags.

    1. thanks! I kinda felt like an ancient Egyptian princess with that design lol I agree, they have gotten better! i'm glad to be a part of it!