Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Influenster Has A Hot New Look!

   Hey guys! Just wanted to do a quick bit on the new Influenster! A while back I did a review on one of their awesome voxboxes (you can read it here) and now they have completely revamped the interface of the site and system! It's all really cool, so let me get to the good stuff!

   Ok so a quick refresher! Influenster is a really fun site where you rate and review products, complete surveys, collect badges in different categories to boost your Influenster Score, and help fellow influensters looking for advice on the next great product! If you are selected, you get a VoxBox geared toward a specific category full of fun goodies to rate and review! You also complete brand challenges and if you win one you get a gift from that brand!
   Now, here's where the change is. Influenster used to be a sign up and you're right in, but now the site has become more exclusive! You now must request an invite or be invited by an already active member and once you're in, you get 5 invites to share with your friends! Also, there are a lot more badges than before! And rather than it being a get as many as you can deal, it is more of a how good are you in this specific category deal. So you start off with 5 keys to unlock expert badges, and you boost those until opportunities to get more keys to unlock others arise. Lifestyle badges are unlimited, so you can get as many as you like! But again, it's quality over quantity!

   The new site is really fun, and I wish I could invite anyone who asks! But unfortunately I of course only get 5 invites. However, I do have 2 invites I would love to give out! If you would like to be a part of this awesome site and get an invite from me just drop a comment below and I will be glad to hook you up! Influenster is by far one of my favorite online communities, so come join the fun!

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