Tuesday, October 23, 2012

October Lookbag Debut!

   Ready for the new Look Bag? (check out description of service here!) This month I got 3 full sized products along with some deluxe size samples! I was so excited! This was their first bag since they shut down the service a few months ago so I was expecting great things! 

   While I enjoyed my bag, there were some issues I had with some of the products in it. For instance, I could not find price listings for some of them, leading me to believe they gave me discontinued products. It almost felt as if they were unloading old stock on customers, which is not a good foot to start on when you are making a comeback. I got three full size products and 2 deluxe samples, which I did enjoy, and I was happy to see the assortment of beauty products they were offering.

   In the bag I received a full size of Pixi's Lip and Line Primer, a full size York Peppermint lip balm, a sample of Freeman Beautiful Body body wash, A full size Stila eyeshadow, and a full size Pop Beauty nail polish. Is that not an awesome bag of goodies or what?

Pixi Lip and Line Primer ($18.00)

   This was my favorite product in the bag. I was introduced to this great lip primer by my friend Nikki. I love how well this works! This primer makes my lip color look amazing and keeps it from feathering. Since using this primer my lip color has lasted much longer than before, and I love how it conditions my lips so I don't have to worry about whether it's drying my lips out. I was going to buy this on my own, but I'm so happy this was a part of my bag! This is definitely a product to try!

York Peppermint Lip Balm (Price Unknown)

   This is apparently a very rare and hard to find lip balm. I thought it was very nice that they included these in our bag, and I love York Peppermint Patties, so I was excited to try this. Unfortunately it was not everything I had hoped. It smelled pretty weird, I was not at all a fan. The smell reminded me of that bootleg play-doh you would get at a drugstore. If you can hold your nose it's a decent lip balm, it did make my lips smooth, but I just could not get past the smell, my stomach was actually turning from it. The upside to this is I am now the owner of a rare item. :)

*Update: I just found out that this item is in fact discontinued, and could have been expired and bought from an overstock in a factory, thus explaining why it smelled weird. C'mon Look Bag, get it together here!*

Freeman Beautiful Body Body Wash, Cucumber, Melon and Ginseng ($14.99 on amazon)

   I liked this body wash a lot. It smells very refreshing and left no residue on my body. It lathers very well, and I felt clean and soft after my bath. I liked this wash so much I went to find it online to purchase a full size. But the brand site no longer carries this, and the only place I could find it was amazon. I'm confused, the point of these subscription services is to introduce us to different brands we may like and buy from them, so when I go to buy a full size I expect to find it. This was another reason I felt like this may have been old stock from previous bags.

Stila Eyeshadow, Sajama (you can find it super cheap if you Google it)

   Ok here's the one thing where I have say they really messed up. I really liked this color, and when I swatched it I had no problems. But then a few days ago I received an email from the Look Store saying that the Stila eyeshadows may have been past their expiration date! Really? They were still factory sealed but even so, I feel like they should have been more attentive to this sort of thing, as this can pose a health risk to customers. After doing a little research I found that so long as it was sealed, and didn't smell weird or look weird and you are the only person using it, you can still use it. I swatched it, and I love the color, but I feel bad now because I received a nice product I'm reluctant to use. 

Pop Beauty Nail Polish, Broken Black ($10.00)

   This is a black crackle polish. It works well, and apparently you get a different design every time. I already have a crackle from Julep, but I don't mind another. I didn't swatch this because it needs to sit over another color to crackle. I had just done a Ciate manicure so I was like naaaaah. I did like that this was full size, and I plan to use this to make some cool nail art!

   On the whole, I feel like this comeback wasn't horrible, but with two strikes as far as product quality and one with availability I just felt like I didn't get that wow factor I was expecting. And with the new development with yet another possibly expired product in the bag I honestly don't know what to think. The last time I received a bag was in July and it had some really nice things, so I'm hoping this is just a fluke, and that they will warm up to the really good stuff. 

   My friend contacted the Look Store regarding the expired items, and basically she was told that they aren't allowed to say whether it is safe or not, but that they recommended we didn't use them. I don't understand why they wouldn't be able to, maybe it's a brand policy rather than the company. However, we were told that to make up for this we were getting an extra item in the November bag, so here's to hoping it's better!

   If you would like to try out The Look Bag, sign up here! And if you use promo code TLB you can get 25% off your first bag! I'm not sure how long the promo will last so get it before it's gone!

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  1. I liked your review, i think that sometimes the look store is so desperate to please everyone that they search out products that they think are good when they really arent. Lets cross our fingers that this was a one time thing.