Monday, October 8, 2012

New Julep!

    Did you hear? Julep's getting a new look! In a few days the site will be completely new and better than ever! 

   Are you excited? I am! This is the email I got announcing the revamped! I wonder how it'll look? It seems a lot of sites are doing quite a bit of revamping lately! If you're a maven (if not sign up here!) one of the coolest things is happening - we'll be able to use our maven perks throughout the entire site! YAY! Along with the new site will come the requirement of a new password for login (email is our username) and hopefully a lot more cool stuff!

   If you weren't a maven yet now's the time to join! Don't miss all the awesome perks! And don't forget if you use the promo code PENNY your first box is a penny! 

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