Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Big Pink Box October!

   So here is a new program that I think you ladies will love! The Big Pink Box is a subscription service, but it's different from others. Rather than a monthly (meaning every month) subscription, you can either buy a box for that month, or purchase a subscription for three months. Each box is 25 dollars, but there's free shipping!
    The tricky part of this service is that there are only 100 boxes offered each month! So it's first come first serve unless you buy a three month subscription and even then I imagine you gotta work fast to get that! With a 3 month subscription you don't have to pay at once either, you're just locked in to receive the boxes and be billed each month. The other great thing about this program is that you receive deluxe samples of anything from beauty to clothes from indie companies completely owned by women! I was very impressed with this idea, and I love trying new things! So I decided to order their first monthly box and see what kinds of great brands I might be missing!

I love the personalized message ^_^

look at all this awesome stuff!

   This box had a little bit of everything! I was very happy and surprised with what I received! So here's a rundown of the goodies I received: 

Nail Glitter, Alison Nicole Nail Company

   I love anything associated with nail art! There is so much glitter in this little pouch I'm gonna go nuts! It's so colorful, and I love the logo, it really pops and captures the funkiness and fun of the brand!

Soap Bar, "Body" by Brown Roque
Twitter- Bodyroque

   Ok, so a friend told me this was chocolate, and I was like hm, really? So before I even thought to take a nibble I smelled it first. This was NOT chocolate, so first and foremost I alerted my friend to that before she made a big mistake.


   After getting that out of the way, and now knowing that this was in fact soap, I tried it out. It smells very nice, and I love that this was in the shape of the breast cancer ribbon, considering this is the month of awareness. Definitely a great nod to women everywhere!

Bath Truffle Bubble Babez

This bath truffle smells so delicious! I swear I wanted to eat it! And I love that it's shaped like a heart. But wait til you see their website, you'll wanna lick the screen! Their soaps look like pastries! If you're interested they also have a monthly Bubble Box where they send you stuff to try!

Key Chain, The Vanity Co.

   I wasn't too happy with this sample, I felt like it didn't reflect what the brand is about. If you go to their website there are really nice accessories, but to send a key chain is kind of meh. There was a nice quote in the back of it, but again I didn't feel like it was relevant to the brand. Had I not visited the site I would have assumed they were a company that perhaps specialized in personalized merchandise such as mugs or something with uplifting quotes or pictures. The key chain was too vague of a representation to me, but the site has nice stuff so I recommend that you check it out. 

Hair Bow, A Rose Closet

   I didn't get a business card with this item for some reason, so I had to do a little research on where it came from. This is a handmade bow, and it is very cute. I really like the prints on the ribbon. I don't really see myself using this though, it's a little too kiddie, but you never know. Their website has a lot of other cute items as well, so check em out!

Eyeshadow: Spending Pink Coin and Milk Punch, Spectrum Cosmetics
Twitter- AccidentalDiva and Sp3ctrumdotcom
Instagram- AccidentalDiva and Sp3ctrumdotcom

   I love these shadows! They're highly pigmented and have a very nice shimmer! They blend well and look great with or without primer! My favorite is the Milk Punch, I can use this to make my eyes look a little brighter and less tired!

Shorts, Only For You Boutique
Facebook: Only For You Boutique
Instagram- Only For You Boutique 
Twitter: Only4uboutique 

   I got a piece of clothing nicely wrapped in this little bag! I was excited to see what I got, some of the things I saw other people get were super nice! And I was expecting to be wowed!

front view

back view
   I was definitely wowed, I had no idea I would get something like this! These shorts are nothing like what I have in my wardrobe! These are beige with black stripes and is made from a stretchy material. These remind me of something Gwen Stefani would wear. They also have an empire waist, so I didn't have to worry about a muffin top! The only issue I had with this was that it was a little too tight when putting it on. I had to fight to get it past my thighs, I'm not big, but I'm Spanish so I have curves! After some tugging and pulling I got it past my thighs and it fit like a glove! I liked the look and feel, but then my bf pointed out something, the stripe design in the front accentuated my, er, lady parts? I'm being nice about how he said it actually haha! The way it was sewn made the design taper at the crotch so that it is less subtle and more of a jarring, scream in your face:

   Yep! But while I didn't have one, it sure looked like it thanks to where the design ended! Either way, I did like trying something new, and I recommend you check out the site!


   So did you like what you saw? Wanna join the Pink Movement? Get a box and try out all the great things you're missing!


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