Friday, October 5, 2012

October Maven Box!

   Ready to be wowed? Julep did an amazing job on this month's maven box! Of course they had a Halloween motif perfect for any bewitching beauty looking to get into the holiday spirit!

what an awesome box!

   My box had some cute surprises! As an added treat, we were given some candy corn and two glitter pots with orange and black cosmetic glitter! I have yet to use my pots, but I plan to make my nails nice and festive once I have a design in mind!

thanks for the cute extras Julep! ^_^

   This month, I decided to switch from my usual Classic with a Twist box, I found the colors in it to be too demure, especially for this month! So I got the Bombshell box instead, I loved the colors it had.

   In my box I received two colors, Keira and Ursula. I also received a bottle of quick dry drops, and as a color add on I chose Leslie from the American Beauty box. 

Keira ($14.00)

   This is an opaque deep red. It is creamy, but not as creamy as other opaque colors I've received. I did one coat and while it gives mostly even coverage, in some places it appeared lighter than in other places. A light second coat will do the trick. It does dry pretty quickly, but in some areas it can be soft so be careful! I love this color, and I will be using this often!

Ursula ($14.00)

   With a name like this, I had to have it! I immediately thought of the villain in The Little Mermaid! This is a black crackle. Over another polish it kind of dissipates into a funky and for lack of a better word crackly design. On the nail with no color underneath it looks weird, like you sharpied it. Plus there is no crackle effect. This is my first time using a crackle polish, so I wanted to see what worked and what didn't. My friend Nikki, also a fellow maven, said that while trying the crackle over polish it was able to peel away. I tried for myself and she was right. But a topcoat should keep everything in place. I like the concept, and I will be looking for other fun crackles to try!

Add On: Leslie ($14.00)

   This has got to be hands down my favorite Julep color so far! It's so pretty! It is a shimmery black, and goes on evenly. I didn't even need a second coat! I loved this because now I can go Goth Chic whenever I please! 

Quick Dry Drops ($14.00)

   This is an oil that is supposed to help move the drying process along faster. It has lavender (you know me and lavender!) and vitamin E to also treat your nail to nourishment. You apply two drops to the nail after letting it air dry for about a minute. I tried it and I have to say it does work. You have to wait for the drops to dry for a bit too, I got impatient and smudged my polish! But I like that I got a chance to try something new, and I will definitely be using this! 

   So I decided to try my hand at this month's Julep design for the Bombshell box., it looked cute so I decided why not? All you need is a color of your choice and a crackle polish of your choice! I used the color scheme featured for my box, Keira and Ursula. First, you paint the whole nail one color, double coat if you have to. Then on one side of the nail lightly swipe some crackle and voila! Horror movie glam! Here is the Julep design compared to my swatch:

Julep's version

my version! what do you think?

   Love the colors? You can find these at Julep's website or at Sephora stores! Want to enjoy the perks of being a maven? Sign up here! And don't forget with promo code PENNY you can get you intro box for a penny!

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  1. aww i got a mention <3 i like that you tried the design of the month. It looks great on you, and i love leslie! I am sad i didnt choose that as an add on!