Sunday, January 27, 2013

Beauty Army January, Happy Birthday Beauty Army!

   I had skipped the past two months of my Beauty Army subscription. Unfortunately I found my selection windows very repetitive, there were products I had already received, and products that I found to be irrelevant to me. and this was with several beauty profile resubmissions. So I figured that if I couldn't find something I liked this time around I'd cancel, but this selection window was very nice. I even received a seventh item, as are all Beauty Troopers in January in celebration of Beauty Army's 1st birthday. I was very excited about my box this time around, and I really hope to find good selections in the coming months.

    In my box I received a full size Mark. Hook Up lip gloss, a jar of Jonathan Dirt Texturizing Paste, two Lash Card mascara shields, a packet of Yes to Blueberries Eye Firming Cream, packets of Enspri Sheer Ceramide and Beyond Moisture serums, a mini bottle of Whip Hand eyeshadow, and a full size Mark. Hook Up mascara as my Beauty Army birthday treat.

Jonathan Dirt Texturizing Paste ($26.00 for full size)

   I had no clue what this was for when I first saw it, there was no description of how to use it. But I figured why not try it? It's definitely something I've never used before. It has a very light almondish scent. It turns out it's for hair, it conditions and styles. It isn't greasy and it works through hair very well. My hair is kind of long though, and while it did seem to condition and nourish my hair it wasn't good for styling. My hair might be too long or heavy for something like this, but I do plan to cut my hair soon, so maybe it'll work better when it's shorter.

Lash Card Mascara Shield ($13.98 for two 10-packs of cards)

   I didn't know something like this existed. I love mascara, but I hate when it gets on my eyelids and under my eyes before it's fully dried. I wind up ruining my other makeup when I try to wipe it off. This shield protects the rest of your makeup by blocking it from touching anything else, and gives you the freedom to build up as much as you want without having to be so careful. They are disposable, which kind of sucks, but they are incredibly helpful and can be used at least twice!

Yes to Blueberries Eye Firming Cream ($19.99 for full size)

   This is a nice eye cream. I don't really have any fine lines around my eyes yet, but this did help to depuff my eyes a bit. You don't feel the firming but you can see it. It smells kind of weird honestly, not at all like blueberries. The smell kind of reminds me of nasal spray. It's a pretty good cream and it was nice to try, but I'm not really clamoring for the full size.

Enspri Sheer Ceramide Serum and Beyond Moisture Moisturizer ($39.00 for Ceramide, $42.00 for Beyond Moisture)

   This was an interesting duo to try, definitely better than I thought. The serum locks in moisture while the moisturizer is an anti-wrinkle cream with SPF 15. I love how they smell, it's a very light floral aqua-esque scent. The Sheer Ceramide is a very light, clear colored serum. It goes on pretty greasy which I was turned off by, so I wasn't sure I'd like the Beyond Moisture if it felt the same. But together they are phenomenal! You have to apply the serum and then the moisturizer. The oily feeling of the serum disappears and melts into skin once you put on the moisturizer, and it left my face feeling very soft and looking bright and healthy. I was pleasantly surprised by this duo, and I'm glad I got to try it!

Whip Hand Loose Pigment Eyeshadow, Special Forces ($14.00 for full size)

   This eyeshadow is a limited edition color in the Camo Collection exclusively offered through Beauty Army. It's a sheer peach with a hint of glitter, it blends well and doesn't crease. I was really disappointed with how teeny the sample size was, it was about the size of a quarter.

   I also find the bottle a bit silly, since it's loose pigment it should be in a pot in my opinion. To use this shadow I'll have to either pour some out or attempt to stick a brush in there. All my eye brushes are a bit too thick to get into the bottle, so I'll have to get a smaller brush.

   Besides the somewhat flawed packaging it's nicely pigmented and applies well, but it's a little too sheer to be used alone for my taste, especially with my skin tone (it was almost invisible). I use primer to make it show more, but it's great for a natural look!

Mark. Scanda-Lash Hook Up Mascara, Blacklash  and  Mark. Glow Baby Glow Hook Up Lip Gloss, Blow Kisses ($6.50 for each full size)

   I wanted to show these together because they are part of a super cute line of minis! You'll see what I mean in a sec!

   The gloss is a rose red shade and is minted. Unfortunately I can't swatch it on my lips at this time, I got a fever blister that is in the healing process. I swatched my hand, and it seems very nice. It isn't sticky and the color is very rich. I can't wait to try it on my lips, I want to feel the tingling of the mint and see if it really leaves my lips feeling soft!

   The mascara lengthens, thickens and defines lashes. It doesn't clump (yay!) and it dries pretty quickly. I loved how easy it was to build up, and my lashes looked gorgeous!

Added Bonus: Mark. Hook Up Cosmetic Connector (50 cents on mark. website)

   Mark. Cosmetics' Hook Up line is more than just a clever name, as shown by this cute little connector piece I got. This little piece "hooks up" products in the collection, turning them into a cute and easy to use makeup duo pen! This brand was my favorite part of this month's box!

If you would like to join Beauty Army you can sign up here!

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