Friday, January 4, 2013

Green Grab Bag December

   December's Green Grab Bag was pretty impressive, I found a few new favorites!

   In this month's bag I received a facial mask from Zosimos Botanicals, some body lotion from Nature Balance Wellness, a botlle of facial toner from Pangea Organics, an eyeshadow from Elegant Minerals, a tinted lip balm from Elemental Herbs, and some charcoal soap from Destiny Boutique.

Zosimos Botanicals Facial Mask ($8.00-$28.00 for full size)

    This mask was really cool! This was a one time use packet, I had to mix the mask myself which I didn't mind. It has a really soft rose scent that I just loved! The mask becomes a creamy paste that is really easy to apply. It doesn't dry out on your face so there is no flaking. After about 15 minutes I washed it off with warm water and revealed supple and great smelling skin! I adore this facial mask and I plan to get more!

Nature Balance Wellness Body Lotion, Love Me Lavender and Marigold Magic ($16.99 for full size)

    This body butter is very rich and creamy. It actually feels like a frosting when you touch it which I thought was nice. My favorite of the two of course was the Love Me Lavender, it smelled great and made my skin feel very nice. It doesn't feel greasy and it doesn't sit on top of the skin. The Marigold Magic was nice too, this one is apparently for eczema, dry skin, sun burns and stretch marks! I used this one on my legs since the winter is harsh on them, and it did help a bit. My legs looked and felt much better. Due to my legs being dry in the winter, I scratch and it irritates the skin even more. This body butter helped to alleviate the irritation and restore some moisture to them. Would I buy this? Maybe, this was really nice but I have other lotions that can do the same thing and don't cost as much. It was still nice to try though, I may buy some another time.

Pangea Organics Facial Toner, Argentinean Tangerine and Thyme ($12.00-$26.00 for full size)

    I love this toner! It smells amazing and it feels so refreshing on my skin! All I have to do is mist it on my face and neck a few times after cleansing. This toner removes any oil and dirt left after cleansing. My skin felt super clean and refreshed after using this! So far my experience with Pangea Organics has been very positive, and now I got to try something I think I must have!

Elegant Minerals Eyeshadow, Poinsettia ($6.00-$12.00 for full size)

   I immediately fell in love with this eyeshadow! This is a soft red, it is nicely pigmented and there is no fallout. It blends really well too! I wore this for Christmas, since the color is Poinsettia I thought it fitting, and the fact that it was also SPF15 was awesome!

Elemental Herbs All Good Lips Organic Tinted Lip Balm, Maroon Creek ($4.99)

   This lip balm is very nice! It tingles on my lips, and the tint is really pretty! I had to swatch it on my hand since it was difficult to see on my lips. The color is a sheer deep red, it nourishes my lips and gives a nice hint of color. This is great for those days when you feel like wearing sweatpants but want a little bit of glam without the full makeover!

Destiny Boutique Charcoal Facial Soap Detox and Charcoal Facial Wash Detox ($8.95 for full size soap, $12.50 for full size wash)

   This soap, omg! Omg this soap, omg! I loooooooove this soap! This soap made my face feel so clean and refreshed! It doesn't lather like normal soap, but you don't need to use a lot. It didn't dry out my skin, and it is absolutely great for removing makeup! Whether you use the wash or the bar you're gonna love this soap! 

   If you would like to sign up for the Green Grab Bag you can do it here!

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