Monday, January 14, 2013

Look Bag Discontinued

   So a little while ago, I received this email:

Dear Look Bag Member,

We regret to inform you after this month we will be discontinuing the Look Bag. You've all been great to us and we're sorry to disappoint you. We will be processing full refunds for those who paid in advance and also those not receiving January bags in the next week so just hold on tight and keep an eye on your inbox. You'll get a full transaction receipt there. We wish you all the best and happy beauty box endeavors.


Team Look Bag

   Well, there you have it. It started out as a great idea, but members like myself wound up disappointed. I am sorry that they are stopping, but I am glad that they realized their product was not appeasing for members. I really hope that if they choose to relaunch in the future that they really step up their game and reevaluate their system. 

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