Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Head and Shoulders Damage Rescue!

   I feel so lucky to have been given a chance to try this shampoo! Influenster teamed up with Head and Shoulders to showcase their new and improved Damage Rescue Shampoo! I have had a really crappy relationship with my hair, and while I've used Head and Shoulders before, it never gave me the results I needed. I have a very dry scalp, and because of it I had to use stronger shampoos such as T-Gel to eliminate dandruff and itching. The guys at Head and Shoulders seem to have revamped the formula though, because this stuff worked so well I didn't need the T-Gel!

   When I was emailed about trying this I was honestly kinda meh about it. Head and Shoulders used to work great for me, but either my dry scalp got worse or the formula changed because it was no longer working for me. As a result I had to torture my poor scalp with the harsh medicated shampoos that sometimes even made my scalp feel tender and like it was burning. On top of all that my hair was super dry, and medicated shampoos aren't really made to help that. But I figured it was worth a try, and Influenster was nice enough to choose me to try it, so who am I to say no?

   On a side note, this Voxbox I believe was geared toward latina beauties, the product information card was in spanish! Buuuuuuuut, since I can't speak a lick of spanish (though being latina myself) I felt like a jackass. I tried to translate it with the little bit I know, but got super frustrated when I couldn't.

and then that happened. 

   Anyways I got my bf to translate, and besides the info on the product they were having a contest. 19 finalists would receive this shampoo and an auto-qualification into the next beauty themed Voxbox. The grand prize winner would have their hair rescued and pampered by Head and Shoulders stylist Antonio Rosales, not too shabby! I wouldn't mind some hair pampering myself, but a beauty Voxbox is awesome too!
   This shampoo has worked wonders for my hair! It has a really nice peach scent and is very gentle on the scalp. It lathers very well, so you don't need much. If your hair is somewhat oily or dirty at the time of washing, just use the same amount twice. For me the first wash doesn't lather as well because of the dirt, but the second is just fine. My hair felt so clean and my scalp didn't feel itchy at all. Since using this my dandruff has been totally under control! The conditioner is amazing too! Again, you don't need much, but it works through hair very nicely and doesn't leave a slick or greasy feeling residue after rinsing out. 
   Since starting this new hair regimen I am happy to say that not only is my dandruff and itchy scalp under control, my hair looks much healthier, has more life and bounce, and I have way less hair fallout than before! My hair is very thick, and I usually have hair falling out all the time and everywhere. My hair can be found all over my house in the oddest places, and I usually hear about it every time! My hair is stronger and I'm not pulling as many strands of hair off of my clothes anymore! I'm very glad I gave Head and Shoulders another chance, I think this will be my new go to shampoo! 

   If you would like to be a part of Influenster and qualify for free goodies you can request an invite on their website! I still have 4 invites myself, so I would be happy to share with anyone interested!

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  1. i very much need to try this! thanks for telling me about this!