Friday, January 25, 2013

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream and Mini Mani!

   A while back I joined BzzAgent, an awesome site where members get chosen to take part in campaigns sampling various products. As a BzzAgent, we try and review these products and spread the word about them through social media and word of mouth.

   I was chosen to join the Neutrogena Norwegian Hand Formula campaign. I got to try their Norwegian Hand Formula, and I was given a few minis to share! I was really excited when I got my Bzzkit, and I have to say, I find their bee packaging super cute!


   Norwegian Hand Formula was created by Norwegian fishermen who had to face incredibly harsh weather conditions at sea. The freezing temperatures and ocean water and air would do great damage to their skin, especially hands, causing skin to dry, crack and chap. The fishermen created a glycerin rich salve that would protect and repair damaged skin while restoring moisture. 
   I  love Neutrogena products, but I had actually never heard of this cream before or seen this in stores. I have to say that I am in love with this stuff! You don't need to use a lot, the glycerin rich formula makes it so that a dab is all you need! 

this was all i needed for my hands! :)

   The winter is incredibly harsh to my skin, and it's gotten even more so as I get older. This cream helped my hands tenfold, and as an added bonus it helped preserve my manicure! My cuticles looked great! Despite it being high in glycerin, there was no greasy feeling either. It melted right into my hands, leaving them feeling super soft and looking good!
   As if being a godsend for hands wasn't enough, it works great for elbows, heels, and even lips! I used it as a lip balm, and it really helped nourish my chapped lips! It absorbs quickly into my lips, and doesn't leave a greasy residue. I was really impressed with how versatile it is, you can virtually use it for almost anywhere you want!
how much I used on my lips

   I decided to treat myself to a much deserved manicure while using Norwegian Hand Formula. My job requires me to use my hands a lot so I usually wind up ruining my polish.
   In celebration of my hands being restored to their natural beauty, I wanted to do a quick how-to for a nice manicure for going out. I had a brunch with some lovely ladies, and I wanted a nail look that was fun but simple. Here is everything I used:

It looks like a lot I know, but something worth doing is worth doing right!

On to the manicure!

1. Use polish remover to clean your nails and ensure that there is no leftover old polish residue or dirt. I use Julep's polish remover, it cleans and conditions your nails. I also used my Julep Hand and Cuticle Stick to soften and prep my cuticles to be pushed back. 

2. Trim your nails. I don't like my nails being too long, in my case they're more prone to breaking the longer they get. 

3. File them down. Smooth any sharp edges, and shape your nails how you want. I round mine off a bit. 

4. Buff. I like to buff my nails a bit, my nails look glossy after and I don't see the lines on my nails as much through the polish.

5. Ready, set, polish! Apply 1-2 coats of your favorite polish. I used Revlon's Nail Art Expressionist. It is a two sided pen with one side being the polish and the other side for designs. The polish is a pink with a lilac undertone, the design polish is a light grey. 

6. Design! I used the design polish to make stripes on my ring fingers. I also added mini nail confetti stars for an extra little pop of glam!

7. Moisturize! Finish off your mani by nourishing your hands with your favorite hand cream. Of course I use Norwegian Hand Formula, and voila! You're ready for an afternoon out with the girls!

You can buy Norwegian Hand Formula at any drugstore or online. Winter sucks, so give your hands some tlc and enjoy your manicure!

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