Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Julep January!

   This month Julep is saying aloha to summer with neon and sheer shades! I really love the new colors, and now each polish has a number since they are part of a 120 piece collection! Our boxes also had a set of 3 neon twistbands, a cute addition to an already awesome box!

   This month Julep also introduces their new "Swatch Me" stickers, drawing inspiration from the cute Youtuber Madison, an 8 year old Julep fanatic. Little miss Madison swatches all her Julep polishes by glueing a swatched plastic nail on the front of the polish bottle, an ingenious idea leaving Julep thinking, "Why didn't we think of that"?

   Now when I saw that the bottles had a swatch me sticker already on them, I thought, "how the hell am I supposed to get the polish brush up there?" Well, it was simple, the cap COMES OFF! A very cool new feature, I hope this will be applied to all new Julep polishes!

   In my box I received Grace, Madison, and a Hand and Cuticle Stick. I also received Amelia as an add on.

Grace ($14.00)

   A sheer light pink. It has great coverage, it applies evenly and it dries quickly. You can build up the color if you like, I used two coats when I wore it. 

Madison ($14.00)

   An opaque hot pink creme. This polish was named after Madison, the mini beauty guru on Youtube. Pink is her favorite color, so they made a color just for her! This polish has great coverage as well. It applies evenly and dries quickly. You should only need one coat. 

Amelia ($14.00)

   A light champagne frost. It applies evenly but it goes on a little light. I used two coats when wearing it. It dries quickly and has good coverage.

Hand and Cuticle Stick ($22.00)

   This stick is awesome! It nourishes and moisturizes hands and makes them feel soft while also repairing skin. For cuticles it is great for keeping them moisturized and healthy. Since using this stick my cuticles have never looked better!

   I highly recommend checking out Madison's Youtube Channel, she is super cute and super funny! Her reviews are great too!

   If you want to join Julep you can sign up here, and remember to use the promo code PENNY to get your intro box for a penny!

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