Friday, January 11, 2013

Look Bag December

   Oh Look Bag, why!? You were so promising and I wanted to love you, but you just keep dropping the ball! December's bag was really lackluster and disappointing. I was optimistic since November's bag was a step in the right direction. So for a minute I regained faith in them, I get my December bag

   What the hell man!? First off, Rather than the pink envelope it usually comes in I got a boring white envelope. Was it really that difficult to keep up with appearances? Then on top of that I looked through the Makeuptalk forum and found that one of the items is almost expired. Here's what I got:

    I wasn't immediately turned off, mind you. I was like eh, but the eyeshadow and the glitter seem nice. Then I saw the tea light candles and I was like

   This is a beauty subscription, and I can buy tea lights anytime for dirt cheap. Why include something completely irrelevant to beauty? This is a subscription service that apparently offers luxury products to sample, sooooooo.....yeah......
   Anyways, on to the review.

Befine Food Skin Care Exfoliating Cleanser ($24.00 for full size)

   I wasn't sure I should even try this. I had heard that Befine has a really bad history of giving out expired samples, so it left me conflicted. I couldn't find a batch code on this packet so I tried it and hoped for the best. This exfoliator has brown sugar, almonds and oats. It smelled ok, it didn't smell old but it smelled different. My skin wasn't irritated afterwards so I guess that's a good sign. This is supposed to be a single serve packet, but I actually got two uses out of it since it lathers very well and spreads easily. This cleanser left my face feeling very clean and soft, and I have to say I found this to exfoliate a little better than my St. Ives. I will be purchasing a full size bottle of this for sure, this may have been the only thing I genuinely enjoyed in this bag.

LA Splash Nail Art Glitter, Hazardous ($4.99)

   This was ok, it's just some red nail glitter. I could always use some more for my designs. At least I didn't have to worry about expiration.

Frederic Fekkai Technician Conditioner (prices vary)

   I was very unsure of whether to try this or not. This bottle looked nothing like the ones I'm used to seeing.

   After some intense Googling it turned out that this was legit, just an older bottle design. This conditioner was alright, not amazing but alright. It smells nice and is easy to work into hair. It washes out well, and leaves no residue or greasy feeling behind. I always wondered about this hair brand, and while it is nice I can stick to my Head and Shoulders (thanks to Influenster!) 

L' Oreal Wear Infinite Pressed Eyeshadow, Sweet Chemise ($14.00)

   At first I was very excited to try this, the color is pretty. Then I saw on Makeuptalk that this eyeshadow expires in 19 months. I also read that this exact same eyeshadow was included in their May Look Bag! What happened here? They seemed to have gotten lazy since their relaunch! And the excuse they gave for this was that this eyeshadow was so popular they decided to include it in December's bag as an extra. Mind you, the packaging on the eyeshadow said limited edition, so either they convinced L'oreal to bring this shadow back or they were trying to get rid of excess stock. My money's on the latter.
   Anyways besides that nonsense, it's not a bad shadow, it's a little chalky but that could be due to its looming expiration date. The color looks like a very light champagne shimmer and is nicely pigmented. It is a pretty color, and it's a nice addition to my collection, but I'm really disappointed in this being passed off as some amazing gift.


Clean Fresh Laundry Tea Lights (prices vary)

   This isn't an awful product, but I found this to be a cheap addition to this so called "luxury" sampling program. On Google this 3 pack of tea lights were about 3 to 5 dollars depending on the site, and these lights aren't even sold on the Clean website. I can buy tea lights at my local drugstore by the bunch so I think this was a real shoddy attempt at "luxury". Despite that they are nice candles, and they smell good. They serve their purpose. 

Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme ($24.00 for full size)

   I was actually very interested in trying this when I saw that this would help plump my lips a bit. My lips are kind of small, so any help with my pout is welcome! I swiped a little on my lips, and I cannot begin to explain the pain I felt. People who have tried this say you get a tingly feeling, but my lips burned! It was ok for a few seconds, and then when it kicked in the pain was unbearable. I ran to remove this evil concoction from my lips and I had to douse my lips in cold water to relieve some of the burning. Even after I removed it my lips still burned a bit, and the result was my lips swelling and turning red. I couldn't touch my lips without pain for the next 20 minutes. Maybe this was an expired sample, I don't care. All I know is that I will not put my poor lips through that kind of torture ever again.

   I'm pretty sure I'm going to be cancelling at this point. I tried to hold out, I really did. But they are nothing like what I thought they'd be. I am disappointed and I feel cheated, but it is what it is. I can no longer recommend this subscription service, and I would honestly advise anyone interested to steer clear. 

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