Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Julep December Mystery Box!

   I know this post is pretty late, these past couple of weeks have been crazy! But I wanted to take the time to tell you about the mystery box Julep offered in December!

   Julep rang in the new year with a special mystery box, each one was valued between $100 and $500! Usually the range is between $60 and $200 so I was really excited! My box only came out to $100 but I still got some really nice products! My mystery box came with 5 nail polishes, 3 polish remover pads (which I used right out of the box before taking a pic), a silver glitter pot, and a bottle of hand brightener (plus 2 samples of the brightener). I loved all the polishes, I even got a glitter polish that doesn't have a name yet!

Mischa ($14.00)

   A cherry micro-shimmer. It doesn't apply as evenly as I had expected, so a second coat is a good idea. The color is vibrant and dries quickly. I love it!

Chelsea ($14.00)

   A violet, silver and purple glitter polish. You may need 2 or 3 coats to get full coverage, but it is very pretty and dries quickly.

Sienna ($14.00)

    A champagne gold shimmer. This was my New Year's Eve nail color, with Nailtini's Millionaire on top. It was gorgeous! It applies evenly and you should only need one coat, it also dries quickly. This was my favorite polish in the box!

Boris and Nicole ($14.00)

   An autumn red frost. This is a gorgeous color! It applies evenly and dries quickly. You should only need one coat.

Mystery Polish ($14.00)

   A multicolor glitter polish. I tried to see if maybe they had this on the website, but could not match it to any of the existing glitters. It is very pretty and dries quickly. You will need at least a second coat for this polish, but besides that it's great!

Glow On Age Defying Hand Brightener ($32.00)

   This hand brightener is made to reduce the appearance of fine lines and age spots on your hands. It smells really nice, and it absorbs very well into skin. They recommend using this with their hand scrub, which brought me to think, "well why not give me a sample to try it?" I received a full size bottle and two sample packets of the same hand brightener, couldn't the two sample packets have been the scrub so I can get have the optimum sampling experience? Nevertheless, I do not have any fine lines or age spots on my hands, so this is geared more towards older women. But it never hurts to start fighting aging early! 

   If you would like to join Julep you can sign up here! Use the promo code PENNY to get your intro box for a penny!


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